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Industrial IoT (IIoT) involves collecting and analyzing sensor-generated data to support equipment monitoring and maintenance, production process analytics and control, and more. In manufacturing IT since 1989, ScienceSoft offers IIoT consulting and development to create secure IIoT solutions.

Ready for Digital Transformation with IIoT?

ScienceSoft can design and implement an IIoT solution to help you eliminate waste, reduce manufacturing cycle time, lower operating costs, improve production quality, and gain higher visibility into the manufacturing supply chain.

Scope of IIoT Services ScienceSoft Provides

We are ready to join your Industrial IoT initiative at any stage, providing the following Industrial IoT services:

IIoT consulting

  • Financial feasibility analysis
    To ensure operations automation is beneficial for you, we calculate the potential investments, ROI, and payback period of the IIoT solution.
  • Consulting at the strategy planning stage

    We analyze your business objectives, determine IIoT system capabilities, and create a detailed roadmap of the system implementation. As a result, you can cut implementation costs and reduce risks at all implementation stages.

  • Consulting at the application planning stage

    ScienceSoft’s IoT experts design tailored IIoT solutions to improve a particular industrial process or mitigate a particular challenge. We define an IIoT application’s feature set and establish integration with other enterprise systems.

  • Consulting at the requirements specification stage
    Our team turns your high-level view of an Industrial IoT solution into a detailed project specification. We closely collaborate with project stakeholders to specify the requirements at each layer of an Industrial IoT paradigm: connectivity, embedded software, and cloud software.

Custom IIoT solution development

ScienceSoft can develop a cost-effective IIoT software from scratch, using Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud services or open-source IoT platforms enabling sensor data collection and analytics, IIoT device connectivity, control and management.

  • Based on high-level requirements
    ScienceSoft’s experts elicit high-level IIoT requirements from stakeholders and study the organization’s processes to further design, develop and implement mature and flexible Industrial IoT solutions. To save investments on large-scale implementation and get value faster, we start with core features and then enrich the solution functionality.
  • Based on detailed requirements
    We thoroughly analyze your IIoT solution specification to determine the project scope, assess its complexity and define necessary Industrial IoT devices. Having provided a delivery schedule and calculated a project cost, we develop, test and implement your IIoT solution. After the IIoT deployment, we offer solution support and performance management services upon request.

IIoT hardware consulting and implementation

Besides software implementation, ScienceSoft’s experts can assist you in selecting appropriate Industrial IoT devices for your solution, creating custom devices using market-available components (subject to certification), setting up and configuring the equipment.

IIoT solution testing

To ensure that your IIoT solution works as required, we check system behavior under a set of expected load variations (load testing), detect the maximum operating capacity of the system (stress testing), measure the scalability and stability of the IIoT solution. We also conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of IIoT systems.

IIoT solution support and maintenance

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to carry out IIoT application monitoring and performance management, proactively diagnose and fix solution defects, and perform administration tasks including security updates, user and access management.

Industrial IoT Solutions We Create

We guarantee a smooth transition towards Industry 4.0, by ensuring the step-by-step transformation of every segment of the supply and production chain. Our team delivers solutions for:

Equipment utilization monitoring

Equipment utilization monitoring

We help enterprises drive throughput and increase productivity by providing visibility into the performance of each industrial machine. With utilization monitoring solutions, you get instant access to detailed equipment utilization metrics, including TEEP, OEE, OTIF, and more.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

We support you in achieving a smooth and agile production process. With predictive maintenance solutions, you can monitor the condition of industrial equipment, forecast potential failures, and schedule service maintenance before actual disruptions take place.

Production quality control

Production quality control

To maintain high quality of produced goods, condition monitoring solutions detect deviations in equipment performance, which may affect the quality of the final product, and timely inform technicians of potential deteriorations.

Inventory management

Inventory management

We create IoT solutions for manufacturing and other industries that help optimize warehouse management, improve the distribution of inventory items on the shop floor, reduce search time and bring down inventory carrying costs. ScienceSoft delivers smart inventory management solutions that display real-time updates about the statuses, locations and movements of inventory items, provide detailed analytics and reliable forecasting.

Real-time industrial asset tracking and management

Real-time industrial asset tracking and management

ScienceSoft’s asset management solutions provide users with real-time insights into the locations, statuses and movements of industrial assets. With smart solutions, businesses free up hours of working time required for manual asset tracking and reporting and optimize asset utilization.

Employee monitoring

Employee monitoring

ScienceSoft’s solutions leverage wearable sensors to track and report workers’ locations and health conditions (e.g., heart rate, body temperature) in real-time to help you improve employees’ safety.

Connected supply chain management

Connected supply chain management

With the supply chain management solutions driven by the Industrial IoT, you can monitor the delivery of raw materials from suppliers, the distribution of inventory items across multiple echelons, the condition of goods in transit, and the delivery of finished products to distribution centers and end customers.

Industrial smart, connected products

Industrial smart, connected products

We assist manufacturers in creating connected products and take over the “smart” component of the technology stack (product data storage, data analytics, cloud applications, security tools, integration with external information sources and enterprise management systems, etc.), as well as ensure connectivity.

Wonder How IIoT Solutions Work in Reality?

Watch ScienceSoft’s smart factory demo and see how it helps businesses gain higher visibility into the operations, increase facilities’ productivity and minimize downtimes using company-wide analytics.

Key Features of Industrial IoT Solutions by ScienceSoft

The functionality sets of IIoT solutions differ a lot of depending on the solution type. Below we outline the possible IIoT features that may be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Production monitoring and quality control

  • Production process monitoring and production issues’ location.
  • Inspecting the product as it moves through the production cycle.
  • Real-time OEE and TEEP calculation.
  • Automated production plan adjustment in case of incidents or power outages.
  • Production’s environmental impact monitoring (for carbon dioxide emissions, energy and water consumption, etc.).

Equipment maintenance and condition monitoring

  • Real-time machine diagnostics and calibrating.
  • Monitoring of machine conditions (speed, vibration, etc.) and environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity).
  • Equipment failure or overload forecasting.
  • Automated equipment maintenance scheduling.


Operations and staff management

  • Real-time reports about shop floor and field operations.
  • Production, shifts, shipments planning based on IIoT data analytics.
  • Identification of operational bottlenecks.
  • IoT-based workforce location and safety monitoring (based on the control of their heart rate, skin temperature, etc.).


Asset and equipment tracking and management

  • Automated RFID-based collection of information about assets’ statuses, locations, and flows.
  • Real-time asset data view.
  • Notification of a missing asset or an inventory item.
  • Asset tracking information for accounting purposes.
  • SKU location data.
  • GPS-based fleet (e.g., forklifts, bulldozers, trucks) tracking and routing.


Supply chain management

  • Materials delivery monitoring.
  • Storing conditions monitoring (in a warehouse and during transportation).
  • Inbound deliveries notifications.
  • Products’ delivery tracking.


Industrial inventory management

  • Inventory amount prediction for the production cycle.
  • Advanced SKUs location data (featuring a warehouse shelf, production date, batch number, shelf life, etc.).
  • Alerts on expiration dates (e.g., for food or pharmaceutical manufacturing).


Benefits of industrial iot

ScienceSoft’s IIoT solutions enable remote monitoring, control and automation of the industrial processes and bring:

Higher operational efficiency.

Better customer service.

Optimized asset management.

End-to-end visibility into the supply and production chains.

Efficient loss management.

We Know How to Mitigate the Most Acute Challenges

Nothing as massive as Industry 4.0 comes without challenges. Our vast experience and domain knowledge helps us proactively address them.

  • Legacy equipment should be seamlessly connected to a single IIoT solution. We leverage our vast experience to ensure free data transmission between the cloud part of an IIoT solution and different types of industrial equipment, including non-computerized machines, CNCs, machining centers and robots.
  • The value of an IIoT solution that functions across separate silos and is not integrated into the factory ecosystem is questionable. To avoid that, we ensure smooth integration of an IIoT solution with both enterprise (ERP, MES, SCM, etc.) and shop floor (SCADA) management systems.
  • Since businesses are concerned about the ROI, fast pay off must be guaranteed. For that, we start with a simple solution architecture and then expand it both vertically and horizontally.

Technologies We Use

Cloud applications

Our Java and .NET software engineers are skilled in cloud applications design and development, cloud infrastructure administration, private and hybrid cloud integration. Our team provides integration, maintenance and security on various cloud computing platforms, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


Our team has extensive experience in developing reliable RFID systems. We know how to avoid tag- and reader collisions and enable data transmission through the majority of industrial materials, including metals and liquids.

Web and mobile user applications

We offer full-cycle development services to create web and mobile applications for easy access to IIoT insights and convenient control over industrial processes. To ensure that, we deliver effective and up-to-date web applications, based on:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Angular, React, Backbone, Meteor, etc.).
  • .NET, Java, Python, PHP.
  • Pimcore, WordPress.

For even greater flexibility, we provide native (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and cross-platform (Cordova, Xamarin, React Native) mobile applications.

Make Your Smart Manufacturing Vision a Reality

Being ISO 9001-certified, we implement IIoT projects fully meeting customers' quality, time, and budget expectations. Our professional team is ready to cooperate with you through the entire planning, development and implementation process and facilitate your digital transformation.