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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development Services

In financial IT since 2005 and in blockchain development since 2020, ScienceSoft creates robust DeFi solutions contributing to the speed, security, and cost-effectiveness of financial transactions.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development Services - ScienceSoft
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development Services - ScienceSoft

DeFi development services cover design, development, integration, support, and evolution of DeFi solutions, aimed to introduce fast and safe blockchain-based financial transactions, easy crypto asset management, accessible lending, transparent fundraising, and more.

Why It’s High Time to Step into the DeFi Market

The global DeFi market was valued at $13.61 billion in 2022. It is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 46.0% from 2023 to 2030. Despite the recent fluctuations in the rapidly evolving crypto field, the DeFi sector keeps on witnessing exponential growth and remains the main contributor to market capitalization in Web3. Growing popularity of DeFi solutions, driven by the unique opportunities DeFi unlocks to address the common CeFi pain points, creates momentum for startups and established companies to step into DeFi development.

DeFi vs. TradFi: Major Differences

Traditional finance

Decentralized finance

Financial transaction processing cost

Set by processors.

High due to a large number of intermediaries (banks, clearing houses, legal authorities, etc.).

Fair, market-determined.

Low due to straight-through processing with no middlemen.

Financial transaction processing speed

Low, restricted to banks’ operating hours.

High, often near-instant, depending on the processing incentive and validator load.

Financial service accessibility

Low, requires extensive customer pre-qualification.

High, soft-to-zero credit checks.

Funds control

Taken over by financial institutions.

Funds owners have complete control over their funds and operate them in a transparent P2P environment.

Product interoperability

TradFi products are difficult to integrate with each other.

DeFi products (incl. those built on different blockchain platforms) are easy to compose with each other.

Financial service transparency

Opaque servicing and funds transfer flows.

Fully transparent due to clear incentive structures.

Data privacy

No, preliminary authentication is required.

Full privacy.

DeFi Use Cases ScienceSoft Specializes In

We are here to help you effectively and safely bring the benefits of DeFi to the following areas:

Blockchain-enabled domestic and cross-border payment transactions with no intermediary services. Reduced fraud, minimized payment delays, and zero lost trade agreement opportunities due to the use of smart contracts.

Highly accessible, credible, and cost-effective peer-to-peer cryptocurrency loans with no middleman services and user identity verification procedures, which offers fast access to funds for borrowers and attractive investment opportunities for lenders.

Crypto asset management

Streamlined management, safe storage and transfer of crypto assets, including tokenized assets. Creating, managing, and trading cryptocurrencies, security tokens, NFTs, derivative assets, and more.


Access to the global audience for faster fundraising. Immutable record of financial transactions to maintain transparency and trust across crowdfunding projects.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Fast and safe peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange with full user control over the owned funds and market-established conversion rates.

DeFi insurance

Protecting crypto assets against crypto volatility and security vulnerabilities to mitigate technical and financial risks.

Yield farming

Earning passive income via temporarily locking up crypto assets in the liquidity pools of various DeFi platforms.


Locking up crypto funds to secure the blockchain network that uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol in return for rewards.

ScienceSoft’s Featured Success Stories

Our Customers Say

Owing to ScienceSoft’s expertise in Blockchain-based software development, we chose them as a technology partner for the CoolWallet SDK development project. We were pleased with the outcomes of the project, as well as with the transparent and responsive collaboration from the vendor.


We wanted to build a multi-chain crypto wallet that would let users convert cryptocurrencies without commission. ScienceSoft came up with a go-to architecture, features, and tech stack for our multi-chain wallet and introduced a detailed roadmap for crypto wallet implementation. Besides, they helped us develop a corporate website to represent essential technical information and a white paper for our potential customers and investors.

For our project – building a Bitcoin mobile wallet on Cordova – we needed the assistance of a skilled mobile developer. ScienceSoft promptly provided us with an expert who joined our project team and quickly got up to speed with our Scrum processes. The developer quickly understood the existing code base and proceeded to modify and evolve it according to our requirements. Together, we released our app on time and on budget.

Choose the Service That Best Fits Your Needs

A DeFi development company with 19 years in fintech and 35 years in creating custom software, ScienceSoft provides full-cycle services to create successful DeFi solutions. Our overarching mission is driving success for our DeFi clients no matter what.

Consulting on DeFi implementation

We create an optimal feature set, safe and scalable architecture, convenient UX and UI, and cost-effective toolkit for your DeFi solution. You also get expert advice on security and compliance and a detailed implementation roadmap to minimize project risks

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DeFi software development

Our professionals develop your DeFi solution, integrate it with the required systems, and run the necessary quality assurance procedures. You promptly get unique blockchain-based software with powerful capabilities tailored to your business and end user needs.

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Cross-chain integration

We design and implement secure cross-chain bridges to enable smooth moving of crypto assets across different DeFi platforms and contribute to DeFi product compatibility. You get an opportunity to drive business growth with a highly interoperable solution.

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DeFi software support and evolution

We’ll be glad to provide L1–L3 support for you DeFi solution to ensure its smooth operation in the long run. We can also rearchitect your DeFi software, revamp its codebase, as well as upgrade it with new features to enhance solution's value and reduce maintenance costs.

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DeFi Solutions We Develop

DeFi apps

Secure decentralized financial applications with no single point of failure for transparent, fast, and safe financial transactions.

DeFi dApp development helps introduce seamless DeFi experience for end users.

DeFi platforms

Decentralized platforms that allow users to create and trade DeFi tokens, lend and borrow DeFi assets, exchange cryptocurrencies, and more.

DeFi platform development helps establish a secure digital environment for multi-party financial transactions.

DeFi networks

Large-scale peer-to-peer networks that enable consensus-based processing of multi-party financial transactions.

DeFi network development is a way to obtain a private finance network and launch a custom cryptocurrency.

Encrypted protocols that automatically enforce fixed multi-party financial obligations with no need for intermediaries.

DeFi smart contract development is aimed to introduce financial process automation.

DeFi coins and tokens

Programmable crypto assets used in DeFi transactions as payment and exchange methods, trade objects, proofs of authority, and more.

DeFi token development allows creating custom secured and non-secured crypto assets.

Digital wallets for streamlined management and secure storage of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens.

DeFi wallet development is used to create crypto wallets of various types and complexity.

Why Choose DeFi Development Services with ScienceSoft

  • Since 2020 in enterprise blockchain development and cryptotech.
  • Since 2005 in financial software development.
  • Since 2003 in cybersecurity to ensure world-class protection of DeFi solutions.
  • Compliance experts with 7–20 years of experience to ensure DeFi solution compliance with all necessary regulations.
  • Senior DeFi developers proficient in leading blockchain frameworks and networks: Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Solana, EOS, Tezos, Stellar, Polkadot, and more.
  • Our excellence in Solidity development is proven by ScienceSoft’s presence on the Top 10% European Solidity (Ethereum) Developers list by Aciety for the second consecutive year.
  • Quality-first approach and customer data safety backed by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

DeFi Development Process with ScienceSoft


A steady start

  • Analysis of your business needs and the needs of your target audience, engineering requirements for DeFi software.
  • Determining global, country- and industry-specific compliance requirements relevant for your solution (e.g., SEC regulations for DeFi exchange development, KYC/AML requirements for DeFi lending platform development).
  • (for DeFi products) Defining a best-fitting niche and a unique selling proposition for the solution.
  • Delivering a business case that comprises competitor analysis, projected costs, ROI/NPV, and risk assessment.



Project roadmapping

  • Defining DeFi project deliverables, duration, and budget.
  • Determining critical milestones, objectives, and KPIs for the project and composing the appropriate team.
  • Evaluating project-associated risks (incl. operational risks, user adoption risks, and DeFi compliance risks) and elaborating the ways to mitigate them.
  • Providing a detailed development plan with cost breakdown by project stages.



Designing for excellence

  • Choosing the optimal approach to DeFi development: building the app based on an existing blockchain platform (e.g., Ethereum, Solana, Polygon) or DeFi solution development from scratch.
  • Introducing an optimal feature set for the DeFi solution (incl. finance automation features enabled by smart contracts).
  • Designing scalable and secure architecture for DeFi software to support the growing volume of crypto transactions and ensure financial data security.
  • UX and UI design for DeFi apps.
  • Creating a plan of integrations between the DeFi app and required systems (e.g., corporate finance software, a BI solution, third-party blockchain-based financial solutions).
  • Selecting an optimal tech stack (particular DeFi platforms and frameworks, smart contract development languages, off-chain data storage, and more) to streamline development and ensure top-notch DeFi software quality.

Any DeFi project that deals with token issuance and distribution requires clear tokenomics that define token supply and demand characteristics, outline token value, and regulate the rights associated with assets. In our asset tokenization and DeFi staking development projects, we help our clients create winning tokenomics models and draw up white papers for investors and regulators describing the operational principles of their DeFi solution.

ScienceSoft's Blockchain Consultant and Project Manager


Developing with a focus on quality

  • Establishing an IT automation environment for faster development, testing, integration, and deployment of your DeFi solution.
  • Developing front-end, back-end, and DeFi smart contracts.
  • API development to enable easy DeFi software connection to user's systems (e.g., DEX integration with a corporate client's treasury system).
  • Developing oracles to enable data exchange between DeFi smart contracts and external data sources.
  • Establishing integrations between the app components and with other software.
  • Running rigorous testing in parallel with coding to quickly fix potential issues.



Transition and release

  • DeFi software deployment to production / release.
  • Establishing robust infrastructure security mechanisms (firewalls, IDS/IPS, SIEM, intelligent fraud detection, authorization controls for APIs, etc.) to protect the DeFi app and data it stores.
  • Implementing the required compliance check procedures.


  • Preparing user training materials and technical guides for system administrators to maintain DeFi software.
  • Creating a website for DeFi app promotion to streamline app release.

Resistance to documentation is a common pain point for Agile DeFi developers – but you shouldn’t overlook the value of clear technical documents for long-lasting success. Make sure to obtain all necessary technical documentation to smoothly evolve your DeFi solution, simplify troubleshooting, and streamline user adoption.

ScienceSoft's Head of Web3 Development


Continuous support and evolution

  • Monitoring the performance of your DeFi solution and handling operational issues.
  • DeFi app scaling to support sustainable growth.
  • Performing regular security and compliance audits.
  • DeFi software upgrading with new capabilities (e.g., adding support for new cryptocurrencies, introducing new DeFi services like decentralized insurance or staking, etc.).


Learn the duration of each stage and the specifics our DeFi application development company helps address in ScienceSoft’s detailed guide to blockchain development.

Technologies & Tools We Use in DeFi Projects

Your Benefits from DeFi Development with ScienceSoft

Risk-free cooperation

We analyze economic feasibility of DeFi development for each company-specific case. Also, we can develop a proof of concept to test the viability of a DeFi solution in real life, if required.

Optimal cooperation model

We offer various cooperation models, incl. full outsourcing of a DeFi development process, a dedicated team for a part of your DeFi project, and team augmentation with our best talents.

Prompt development

We provide a DeFi solution MVP in 3+ months and consistently grow it to the fully-featured solution with major releases every 2–4 weeks. We guarantee a quick project start (1–2 weeks) and apply well-established Agile and DevOps practices to ensure fast and smooth project implementation.

Guaranteed compliance

Our decentralized finance development company devises a strategy to ensure DeFi solution compliance with KYC/AML regulations, ISO 27001/27002, SEC, FINRA, GLBA, PCI DSS, GDPR, NYDFS, SAMA, other relevant global, country- and industry-specific regulations.

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

DeFi Development FAQs: Costs, ROI, Industry-Specific Benefits

How much does it cost to build custom DeFi software?

DeFi software development may cost around $50,000–$2,000,000+, depending on the type of DeFi solution to create, requirements for its functional and non-functional capabilities, and the chosen technical design patterns. Use our free cost calculator to understand the investments your DeFi solution may require.

When can I expect payback from DeFi development?

From ScienceSoft’s experience, investments in blockchain-based software development typically pay off within 12–18 months.

What industries can benefit from DeFi development?

Since most DeFi use cases are native to the BFSI industry, the companies operating in banking, lending, investment, insurance, and payment fields can reap the largest benefits from DeFi development. But actually, DeFi solutions can power any company that wants to sell for crypto. Looking back at our DeFi projects, ecommerce, transportation, telecoms, healthcare, and entertainment are the leading DeFi software adopters from the non-finance sector.