Route Planning, Scheduling and Optimization Software

Route Optimization and Geofencing

Route optimization software helps to automate and streamline the workflows of transportation, logistics, and delivery companies. ScienceSoft develops robust route planning, scheduling and optimization software as well as geofencing solutions to improve vehicle utilization and decrease operating costs.

End Your Route Planning Challenges!

Optimize route distance and fuel consumption, and improve driver behavior with custom route planning software designed to address the specific needs of your organization.

Route planning and optimization software

Such solutions bridge the data about a vehicle’s current location and scheduled activities to generate optimized vehicle routing plans, collecting the information about orders from OMS or ERP systems. Developing route optimization software, we resort to a dynamic route planning model that allows adjusting the route to include new stops in the most optimal way, which provides for lower operational costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Geofencing software

We are ready to take on the development of geofencing solutions providing information about the vehicles entering or leaving certain geographic areas. Fleet managers receive a notification if drivers ignore working hours or geofencing zone rules. Nearly 70% of transportation companies using geofencing solutions noticed improved driver behavior and optimized resource utilization.

Additionally, we can integrate your route optimization software with available enterprise systems:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

calculating the availability of orders placed for production.

Order management software (OMS)

receiving orders and scheduling them for dispatch.

Telematics systems

monitoring delivery statuses and controlling the drivers through geofencing.

Why Choose ScienceSoft

For 6 years, ScienceSoft has been delivering fleet management software development services. Clients rely on our routing software to improve their fleet management processes and gain the following advantages:

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Minimized route distance and fuel consumption.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Better control over route planning and execution processes.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Improved vehicle utilization.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

Improved transparency and driver management.

Expertise - ScienceSoft

On-time deliveries and higher customer satisfaction.

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