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Development of Conference and Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Development of Conference and Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Travel & Hospitality, Software products


The Customer is a German software development company.


The customer had an idea to implement a multilingual online customer center for a hotel with the help of which one can book conference rooms to hold events. One of the components of the customer center is the configurator. According to the project, its aim is to support large customers in the process of planning an event and booking necessary facilities, such as rooms and conference halls. The customer center should be available to users as a web application.

Project goals:

  • to provide users with a fully-fledged booking system;
  • to provide users with a possibility to book additional services such as catering, equipment, etc.;
  • to allow users to manage all previously registered events, change them, save and use for further purposes;
  • to implement a log-in/log-out security feature;
  • to manage users’ access to application modules with permission technology;
  • to connect the solution with a 3rd part application SIHOT needed for event booking request;
  • the solution was supposed to be a web application compatible with FF 3.5 and IE 8.


The developed solution consists of some modules: an event booking module and a hotel database integration module (SIHOT). The core technology used in the application is Spring. All requirements are implemented in Eclipse\ IntelliJ IDEA IDE. Front end of the application is implemented in JSP. A lot of javascript\jQuery is used for the realization of the application features.


The project was divided in 2 iterations. The 1st development iteration was finished on time. The 2nd iteration included a number of non-critical features that had to be implemented as well. The project has been successfully completed.

online booking platform

Technologies and Tools

Java, JDK 1.6, Spring, MS SQL, JSP, jQuery.

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