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Human-Machine Interface Design and Development

Cut operational and unit costs. Boost throughput yield.

With 34-year experience in manufacturing IT, ScienceSoft offers custom HMI design as well as professional implementation, integration, and modernization of HMI software.

Human-Machine Interface Design and Development - ScienceSoft
Human-Machine Interface Design and Development - ScienceSoft

Human-machine interface development aims at designing and building software for industrial machinery operation. ScienceSoft delivers HMI solutions that reflect your unique production processes, smoothly integrate with your industrial infrastructure, and speed up operators’ reaction time by 3-4 times.

HMI Software Architecture

At ScienceSoft, we make sure your machinery automation system answers the latest architecture standards:

HMI Software Architecture - ScienceSoft

By integrating HMI with your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) via cloud-based Web APIs, we provide remote access to HMI software, facilitate data collection, enable data analytics in the cloud, and simplify integration with other software, including SCADA and ERP.

HMI Application Features

Input control

We analyze your workflows and organize input as one-off actions and data recipes (action sets triggered by a single click).


Based on your existing or planned user roles, ScienceSoft creates data access permission levels and data viewing restriction algorithms.

Output monitoring

Our intuitive HMIs promptly deliver key insights in the shape of graphs, animations, logs, pop ups, notifications, etc.


ScienceSoft gives users freedom for as much customization as needed to tailor the workflows to the industry and role needs.

ScienceSoft’s HMI Design Samples

Water Pumping Equipment HMI

Brewing Industry Equipment HMI

Why ScienceSoft

  • 34 years in manufacturing and custom software development.
  • 30+ business analysts and consultants with 5-9 years of expertise.
  • 15+ seasoned UX and UI designers, adherence to ISA101 regulations.
  • 550+ developers, more than 50% of them are Seniors.
  • ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 27001 (security management) certificates.
  • AWS and Azure partnerships.
  • Quality-first approach and a mature security management system backed up by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.
  • 130+ satisfied clients generously shared their experience of working with ScienceSoft.
  • For the second straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.

Get Higher Production Results with Tailored HMI!

Reach out to ScienceSoft’s consultants who will analyze your HMI needs or an existing HMI solution, calculate your ROI, and help you finalize the concept of your new HMI.

HMI Development Process


HMI Project Conceptualization


Project planning


UX Research and GUI Design


Proof of Concept Development


HMI Software Development and QA



ScienceSoft’s UX Consultant

When designing HMI software, ScienceSoft makes sure that all the HMIs comply with ISA101. This way, our custom HMI applications provide high situational awareness and intuitive machinery control for equipment operators.

Technologies ScienceSoft Uses for HMI Development

Featured Success Story by ScienceSoft

Modernization of a Web-based Oil Well HMI

Modernization of a Web-based Oil Well HMI

  • Web app redesign + responsive design for mobile devices.
  • Boosted app performance due to data restructuring.
  • Server-HMI reintegration for a smooth data flow.

Benefits of HMIs Developed by ScienceSoft

  • 3-4x

    less time to uncover industrial system errors

  • 60-90%

    employee training time reduced

  • 2-5x

    more informed actions and decisions by operators

ScienceSoft’s HMI Development Service Options

PoC creation

  • Business case analysis.
  • UX research, design and testing.
  • GUI design and testing.
  • A PoC rollout.
Go for HMI PoC

HMI design and development

  • Project conceptualization.
  • UX and GUI design.
  • HMI programming and QA.
  • Integration.
  • Knowledge transfer.
Go for end-to-end development

HMI modernization

  • Existing HMI audit.
  • Modernization plan.
  • GUI redesign.
  • Refactoring and reintegration.
Go for modernization