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Development of a Traveling iOS app for Cyclists

Development of a Traveling iOS app for Cyclists

Travel & Hospitality
iOS, Mobile


The Customer is an IT company that wanted to build an application for various travel and recreational agencies.


The Customer needed to develop an application to advertise popular bike routes, give cyclists information on local sights and communicate with each other. Yet, the Customer's team didn't have enough capabilities to bring the project to life.


ScienceSoft, experienced in application development, created an iOS app that allows cyclists to view available routes, sights, and makes it possible for them to share information with other service users.

Route-related features:

  • The main menu displays a list of routes under different categories: 'most popular', 'new', etc.
  • Smart route finder allows searching for routes by name, category, and location. The search result can be displayed on a map, showing all the found roots’ tracks.
  • Quick overview of the routes gives such information as proximity, length, bumpiness, rating, etc.); personal routes are highlighted.
  • One root view – draws the map of a single selected route.
  • Route pictures – if a user takes a picture of the route, it will be automatically attached to the route description. The picture is also saved as a custom point of interest in the user's profile.
  • Points of interest or targets can be set. They are marked on the route and shown to the user while they proceed. The app offers some information on all points of interest.
  • Groups of routes ('recommended', 'brand-related' routes) are made for the brand on the web site and configured in the app.
  • Audio guides can be purchased directly from the application.
  • Rating system asks users to rate the route quality.
  • The application uses sensors to estimate road conditions by recording the vibrations and shocks.

Sharing features: the customer can complete registration on the corresponding web server right in the application and share their routes with other users.


The result of the joint work between the Customer's and ScienceSoft’s teams was a successful delivery and integration of the developed application.

Technologies and Tools

Objective-C, iOS SDK 4.3, Xcode 4, FaceBook API, Google Maps.

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