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UX Audit Unveils Major User Issues Hindering Session Completion on a B2C Portal

UX Audit Unveils Major User Issues Hindering Session Completion on a B2C Portal



The Customer is one of the major mobile virtual network operators in the United States.


The Customer planned to bring online all their field force work and was worried whether their existing web solution would be able to satisfy the users’ needs in a fast and convenient way. The Customer wanted the website to fully replace personal interaction with sales reps without damaging customer experience and making the customers feel at a loss.

ScienceSoft’s team was entrusted with carrying out a thorough analysis of the current website version to check the main workflows, determine how well all site controls are recognizable for users, what issues and pain points can interfere, and provide recommendations for the resolution of problems.


ScienceSoft’s team conducted the UX audit of the Customer’s website. The analysis included the review of several pages for both desktop and mobile phone screen sizes.

To provide comprehensive UX audit and reveal the issues negatively affecting customer experience, ScienceSoft’s team carried out the following activities:

  • Analyzed the website’s UX-related features, considered typical and desired scenarios.
  • Analyzed the site’s target audience using Google Analytics tool.
  • Analyzed user behavior (for how long and where they searched for needed information, how often they applied search functionality, etc.) to identify the workflows that didn’t go as planned.
  • Checked the compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) and web usability guidelines.
  • Conducted competitive analysis to identify additional areas for improvement.

As a result, a number of pain points were identified in the site’s UX. Some of them were as serious as could prevent a user from session completion. ScienceSoft’s team prepared an audit report with the detailed commentary and recommendations for each problem.

As a part of UX audit, ScienceSoft’s team provided expert advice on the website design renovation to make the Customer’s products and services more recognizable and associated with the company’s brand. All recommendations were supported with prototypes and mockups for each audited page.


The Customer obtained an impartial outside perspective on the current website version. The final audit report contained comprehensive screenshot-supported descriptions of the problems as well as ways to handle them. In addition, recommendations on site consistency and guidebook creation were included. The provided information became a reliable base to ensure the site’s truly user-centered interface.

Methodologies and Tools

Features and workflow assessment, usability testing, users behavior tracking (Inspectlet tool), Jakob Nielsen UX heuristics, UX trend evaluation, Web Analytics analysis (Google Analytics tool).

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