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We have created this space for business owners, sales executives, IT and CRM managers who are keen to get a complete picture of CRM capabilities. Via how-to tutorials and business-oriented CRM articles, we lead you to a better understanding of the potential of building profitable customer relationships and help to efficiently cope with business challenges connected with customer management. Our primary focus is on two powerful solutions – Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Top CRM Market Statistics that Show How to Leverage Your CRM Potential

We take a look at the state of the CRM market, consider the benefits of CRM usage and share insights that can help you maximize your sales process efficiency, reach your sales quota, and make your sales teams more productive with CRM.

An Ultimate Guide on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certifications

Find out what Microsoft Dynamics 365 certifications for CRM and ERP products exist, and how having them helps both IT businesses and dedicated specialists.

Looking for Alternatives to Salesforce? Consider our List of Salesforce Competitors

We analyze the most prominent modern CRMs to help you understand if there are decent alternatives to Salesforce for your business.

Automating the sales process: An approach that works

We show how to make the sales process consistent and convenient for both sales managers and reps, applying a comprehensive approach to its automation.

CRM Testing: Detect Quality Issues and Improve Customer Relations

CRM testing can help you make your CRM popular with employees, handily manage prospects and customers, get accurate CRM analytics, and rule out data loss. Here’re the guidelines for organizing easy CRM testing.

Dynamics 365 vs Dynamics CRM: Time for an upgrade?

If you’re a Dynamics CRM user, this article will explain what new features and functions Dynamics 365 offers and how you can benefit from migration.

How Salesforce finds solutions to key email marketing challenges

We show how effective Salesforce Marketing Cloud is to handle three email marketing tasks – growing target audience, improving ROI and measuring the performance for ongoing improvement of the marketing strategy.

How AI-powered chatbots transform customer service management

With significant effects on multiple aspects of the businesses, chatbots have changed the way processes are carried out. This article describes what benefits they can bring to customer service management.

How to implement CRM at lightning speed

We provide best practices to make CRM implementation speedy, efficient and within the budget.

How Sales Automation Helps Your Business Advance

Knowing WHY you need sales force automation, WHAT exactly to automate and HOW to benefit from this process are 3 keys for your sales effectiveness.