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We have created this space for business owners, sales executives, IT and CRM managers who are keen to get a complete picture of CRM capabilities. Via how-to tutorials and business-oriented CRM articles, we lead you to a better understanding of the potential of building profitable customer relationships and help to efficiently cope with business challenges connected with customer management. Our primary focus is on two powerful solutions – Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Stay tuned and turn our expertise into your business benefits!

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How AI-powered chatbots transform customer service management

With significant effects on multiple aspects of the businesses, chatbots have changed the way processes are carried out. This article describes what benefits they can bring to customer service management.

How to implement CRM at lightning speed

We provide best practices to make CRM implementation speedy, efficient and within the budget.

Sales Automation: Why, What, How

Knowing WHY you need sales force automation, WHAT exactly to automate and HOW to benefit from this process are 3 keys for your sales effectiveness.

Why your manufacturing business secretly needs CRM

Manufacturers tend to concentrate on ways to improve production and leave customer relations out of sight. We explain why and how this careless tactic should be abandoned.

Help desk software to improve customer service

We have a look at help desk software, a useful tool that can help businesses streamline workflow, organize information, and eliminate lengthy manual processes.

Live chats vs. chatbots: Who proffers better customer experience

We give a quick overview of pros and cons of having a live chat or a chatbot to provide customer support.

How complex sales get more effective with Salesforce

We come up with the key distinctive features of complex sales that can be frustrating for sales teams if neglected and bring Salesforce into action to see if it can be effective there.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM for Outlook: limitations and solutions

We not only give an insight into the limitations of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM for Outlook but also provide a worthy alternative to it by looking into the features of a smart email tracker, EmailScoop.

Key banking CRM features to become customer-centric and create a single customer view

Banking CRM is the cornerstone of creating the ideal customer profile.

Salesforce document management: Top 10 questions answered

Need a Salesforce document management solution? To make a good start, take a look at our answers to top 10 questions: What, How, How much, and more.