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Alexander Viktorov

I provide technical leadership on design and implementation of test automation environments.
Test Automation Lead,

Alexander Viktorov is Test Automation Lead with two decades of experience in the field of software test engineering and test automation services in particular.

Alexander started his IT career in 2000 and joined ScienceSoft in 2004 as a software test engineer. In 2011, Alexander was promoted to Test Automation Lead. Since then, he has been responsible for the smooth and effective audit of complex enterprise-level test automation solutions. The domains of healthcare, retail, banking & finance, and entertainment have become the focus of his work.

As an experienced test automation architect, Alexander has participated in many strategically important ScienceSoft projects. He successfully implemented automation into the testing process for:

During his work at ScienceSoft, Alexander has accumulated hands-on experience in test automation with Selenium, Protractor, Microsoft Coded UI Test, SmartBear TestComplete, Silk Test, Eggplant Functional, Sikuli, Sauce Labs and more. Along with that, Alexander led the development, extension, and support of several custom frameworks for test automation.

All these factors allowed Alexander to become one of the key members in ScienceSoft’s test automation team.

Test automation is one of the top investments a business can make today to prepare its applications for tomorrow.

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