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Top Test Automation Resources To Learn and Practice

Test Automation Lead, ScienceSoft

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Editor’s note: We present an overview of essential test automation resources recommended by ScienceSoft’s QA team. Should you be planning to streamline the testing process, don’t hesitate to challenge its knowledge and skills to implement test automation in your project.

New to test automation or search to advance your knowledge and skills in the field? This list of best resources on the topic from ScienceSoft’s test automation engineers is intended to catch you up on the best resources on test automation. It combines information from well-known test automation gurus, popular test automation forums and ScienceSoft’s experience in the test automation field.

We’ll keep the list updated and add new sources of test automation knowledge.

test automation resources

What to read?

One of the biggest QA trends, test automation has become a focus of the enterprise software testing processes only recently. However, the testing community has long promoted and researched this approach, and now offers a wealth of works on the topic.

Below, we list the best resources to get an overall understanding of test automation and learn about test automation basics and the combination of automated and manual testing:

Further reading around the topic includes:

The core of test automation is the tools for automated tests. To learn how to get the best and the most of a specific tool, turn to books by renowned experts on test automation tools. In ScienceSoft’s test automation practice, a go-to solution is Selenium. So, here’s our list of comprehensive resources where test automation engineers share their hands-on experience of working with Selenium in particular and some of Selenium alternatives:

While books take time to write and publish, blogs are an excellent way to get the newest info regularly and keep your skills up to date. Among the blogs our QA team monitors for the latest test automation insights are:

16 TestGuild
by Joe Colantonio
17 EvilTester
by Alan Richardson
18 Sogeti’s research blog
19 Ministry of Testing (MoT)
20 The Automation in Testing (AiT) Blog
by Richard Bradshaw (CEO at Ministry of Testing) and Mark Winteringham
21 Blog by Dr. Gleb Bahmutov
22 Elemental Selenium
by Dave Haeffner
23 Responsible Automation
by Paul Grizzaffi
24 Imalittletester
by Corina Pip
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What to watch?

Are you more of a visual learner? Test automation topic is not massive on YouTube, but we have something for you too:

25 Automation Step by Step:
Raghav Pal, a world-renown educator on the topic of automation, geeks out on automated UI testing, API testing and CI/CD implementation in more than 300 tutorials
26 Selenium Conference:
all the talks recorded from SeleniumConf
27 EvilTester:
short step-by-step tutorial videos and practical tips centered around Java, JavaScript and Selenium from Alan Richardson, the author of “Dear Evil Tester”, “Selenium Simplified”, and more
28 Joe Colantonio:
interviews, talks, tutorials and Automation Guild Conference records on the topics of automation, security and performance testing
29 Sauce Labs:
records of test automation meetups and conferences, online talks and tutorials on test automation

What to listen?

A big reason for listening to podcasts is having productive time while driving to or from work. The audio test automation-specific episodes we suggest subscribing to are:

Where to ask questions?

If you have some questions about a specific tool, the first thing to do is to look through its documentation. For example, when working with Selenium, you can visit:

In situations when your questions aren’t answered with the official documentation, turn to active communities. There, you can search for the help of experienced test automation engineers:

Whom to follow?

Finally, you can learn about recent trends, tips and planned events on the topic by following the best test automation evangelists. We recommend to add the following accounts to your subscription list:

42 Alan Page @alanpage
QA Director at Unity Technologies, previously Microsoft’s Director of Test Excellence. Alan is the author of The “A” Word. Under the Covers of Test Automation and co-author of How We Test Software at Microsoft, the author of angryweasel.com and co-host of the A&B Testing podcast show.
43 Dan Cuellar @thedancuellar
Software Engineering Manager at Apple, previously Head of Test Engineering at FOODit and Shazam. The creator of the Appium framework for mobile and desktop test automation.
44 John Ferguson Smart @wakaleo
Freelance speaker and consultant in the domains of test automation, BDD and TDD. John is the author of “BDD in Action”, “Jenkins: The Definitive Guide” and “Java Power Tools”. In addition, John leads the development of innovative Serenity BDD, a test automation library.
45 Richard Bradshaw @FriendlyTester
Senior Verification Engineer at Teleflex Incorporated, renowned speaker and trainer that geeks out on all things about software test automation. Richard is CEO of the Ministry of Testing, manages TestBash conferences and the Dojo online learning platform and develops his blog thefriendlytester.co.uk.
46 Angie Jones @techgirl1908
Test Automation Engineer, Senior Developer Advocate at Applitools, she used to work with IBM and Twitter. Angie is Director of the Test Automation University and an active speaker at software testing conferences all over the world.
47 Nikolay Advolodkin @Nikolay_A00
Test Automation Leader and Solution Architect at Sauce Labs, CEO and Test Automation Instructor at Ultimate QA, one of the top Selenium WebDriver Instructors. Nikolay was an active contributor to Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals and frequently blogs at TeachBeacon.com and SimpleProgrammer.com.
48 Gleb Bahmutov @bahmutov
VP of Engineering at Cypress.io, has the personal blog with over 300 publications.
49 Kwo Ding @DingKwo
Test Automation Consultant, the creator of the Mobile Testing Pyramid and Sonar WebDriver Plugin.
50 Bria Grangard @Bria_Grangard
A popular expert, speaker and podcast host in the software testing field. Previously, Product Marketing Manager (TestComplete, QAComplete, CrossBrowserTesting and Hiptest) at SmartBear.
51 Paul Grizzaffi @pgrizzaffi
Principal Automation Architect at Magenic, quality and automation leader, advisor to Software Test Professionals Conference (STPCon), member of the Industry Advisory Board of the Advanced Research Center for Software Testing and Quality Assurance (STQA) in the University of Texas. Paul is the author of responsibleautomation.wordpress.com.
52 Raghav Pal @AutomationSbS
A test automation architect with over nine years of experience in the test automation field, popular teacher on test automation topics, the author of the Automation Step by Step channel.
53 Corina Pip @imalittletester
QA & Automation Lead at Splend, popular test automation speaker and consultant. Corina is a creator of a waiter library for Selenium tests, author of imalittletester.com and “The Little Tester” comic series.

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