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In-Depth UX Audit Reveals the Reasons Behind Low Mobile Conversions

In-Depth UX Audit Reveals the Reasons Behind Low Mobile Conversions

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The Customer is a European real estate agency that focuses on luxury property. Their website is one of their key sources of leads.


The Customer had a mobile website version that brought them significantly fewer leads than a desktop website. They wanted to learn the reason behind this and find out how they can increase mobile conversions.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft for a UX audit, which took only 1 week. First, ScienceSoft’s BA performed a short study to learn which mobile layout – portrait or landscape – the Customer’s clients preferred. When the study revealed that the portrait layout was a significantly more popular one, it was decided to audit only the portrait version of the website.

The BA singled out 5 main user scenarios on the mobile website that could have had a direct impact on user conversions. These scenarios were:

  • Filtering real estate assets.
  • Requesting a consultation.
  • Applying for selling of a property.
  • Requesting a visit to a property.
  • Offering a price.

Then, the BA proceeded to the in-depth audit of all 5 scenarios, which eventually uncovered 25 UX issues. Each issue was labled as either ‘critical’ (2 issues), ‘serious’ (11), ‘moderate’ (10), or ‘minor’ (2), depending on how gravely it affected the possibility of conversion in a user scenario. The critical issues, for instance, included a user’s unclear location when browsing the website as well as the absence of ‘Liked/Favorites’ menu in the profile despite the existing possibility to add a property item in such a list.

To summarize the findings, ScienceSoft’s BA prepared a detailed audit report that listed and described each of the 25 UX issues as well as gave clear recommendations on how to fix them. Some recommendations included visual prototypes of fixed web elements.


Thanks to the audit, the Customer found the reasons behind their low mobile conversions and put a high priority on the implementation of fixes.

Technologies and Tools

Jakob Nielsen UX heuristics, features and workflow assessment.

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