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Testing of a Web and a Mobile Application for a Care Management Solutions Provider

Testing of a Web and a Mobile Application for a Care Management Solutions Provider



The Customer is a US provider of health information exchange (HIE) solutions to caregivers (hospitals, pharmacies, assisted living and home care systems) and patients across the United States.


The Customer had a web and a mobile application for health information exchange under development. The application allows caregivers to coordinate care services, access patients’ medical data, communicate with patients and other care providers. In their turn, patients can securely access their medical information, make appointments with health service providers, schedule telehealth services, arrange non-emergency medical transportation, and report changes in their health condition to the doctors.

As a web and a mobile application was developed according to Scrum methodology, the Customer needed to test the functionality of a web and a mobile app in parallel with the development. Moreover, the Customer needed to validate that a web and a mobile application allowed users to exchange data quickly and reliably.


At the start of each iteration, ScienceSoft’s test team analyzed the requirements to the application’s new functionality and covered the requirements with 700+ comprehensive checklists. As soon as the new functionality was deployed to the test environment, the test engineers executed tests to validate if the application’s numerous user flows were working as intended. The detected defects were reported in Jira, and the Customer prioritized each defect, low-priority issues being moved to the backlog.

To check the flow of data among the components of a web and a mobile application and an application’s database, the test team carried out integration testing. Employing Postman, the ready-made tool for integration testing, and a custom tool for testing and validating HL7 interfaces, the test engineers generated the Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) / Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) messages and checked whether they were transmitted to the shared application database and displayed on a web and a mobile app’s user interfaces correctly.

Once the defects detected during functional and integration testing were resolved, the test engineers carried out regression testing of the new web and mobile app builds.

With regression testing passed successfully, the testing team added the features to be deployed to the production environment to the release scope list on Confluence and provided the Customer with the final test report reflecting the information about the defects that were uncovered and fixed. With the new software build released, the test engineers carried out smoke tests on the production environment to validate that the deployed build was stable.


In the result of cooperation with ScienceSoft, the Customer has managed to release new application builds every 2 to 4 weeks and ensured that one month after new application builds’ roll out, no critical defects were found in production.

Technologies and Tools

Postman, Atlassian Jira, Confluence.

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