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Fitness Product Redesign and Marketing Strategy Ready in 2 Months

Fitness Product Redesign and Marketing Strategy Ready in 2 Months

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ScienceSoft helped Triad Fitness Group redesign its TriadXP workout app and develop a new marketing strategy. Thanks to ScienceSoft’s product and brand consulting, UX research, and UI design services, the Customer got a visually appealing, user-friendly fitness app able to reach a broader audience.

About Triad Fitness Group

Triad Fitness Group is a US startup striving to make fitness accessible to everyone by providing innovative digital workout experiences. Its TriadXP fitness app offers 500+ workouts from top fitness brands and personal trainers. It also allows users to create and personalize their own programs to fit their mood, needs, and circumstances.

The startup found it challenging to grow the app’s user base in the highly competitive fitness app niche. In addition, Triad Fitness Group wanted to boost the app’s user satisfaction. So, it was looking for a mature vendor that could help with app restructuring and evolution, product redesign, and promotional strategy development.

Fitness App Product Consulting

To address the Customer’s challenge, ScienceSoft assembled a team of seven experts, including a project manager, a lead consultant, two UX analysts, a senior UI/UX designer, a senior Xamarin developer, and a senior .NET developer.

We began by analyzing the data related to user engagement and feedback, market trends, and areas for improvement (app performance, usability, integrations, functionality), which helped define the key product evolution vectors. Our lead consultant also interviewed the project stakeholders to define the objectives and the desired outcomes of TriadXP’s redesign.

ScienceSoft’s UX analysts scrutinized the target audience’s needs and expectations to make sure the app’s redesign would meet them. They also suggested a shift from the B2B to the B2C model, which the Customer ultimately adopted.

The startup’s initial business model involved partnerships with fitness magazines: TriadXP team would digitize the workouts from the magazines and sell them to gym chains, fitness studios, and other businesses offering digital training programs to their clients. Because of the insufficient revenue generated by the model and a decline in user engagement, ScienceSoft offered to shift to the B2C model, targeting individual app users that would directly sell and purchase fitness programs.

The UX analysts identified two target user groups:

  • Fitness professionals who need support in digitizing their workout programs.
  • Fitness enthusiasts who want access to professional workouts.

To ensure that the Customer's product has a unique value proposition, ScienceSoft also conducted thorough competitor research. We analyzed popular App Store and Google Store mobile workout apps, focusing on their user base, functionality, pricing, and subscription models. Following this research, ScienceSoft’s team prepared a revamp plan for TriadXP, including an architectural overhaul, a UI and UX redesign, and the implementation of advanced features (e.g., AI-powered audio, video, and voice workout guidance.

Our development team considered potential architectural solutions and opted for the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, which made the app scalable and adaptable to future feature additions.

Brand Consulting

Following the target audience analysis, ScienceSoft’s team proposed a new brand strategy to resonate with the intended user groups.

To enhance the TriadXP brand’s identity and improve the app’s reach and user engagement, ScienceSoft developed a unique selling proposition for the product and crafted a compelling brand positioning statement that effectively communicated the startup’s values, mission, and vision.

UX Research and UI Redesign

Our UX analysts created a clickable dynamic prototype for the new app version. Working closely with Triad Fitness Group, our team reviewed the prototype and identified the key focus areas for UX testing: the app intuitiveness and responsiveness, the content clarity and relevance, the onboarding experience, the user engagement elements, and the overall user satisfaction. The prototype testing was part of the broader usability testing phase, which took two months.

The startup provided us with basic user personas and volunteers fitting the target audience. To gather user feedback on TriadXP’s features, our UX analysts conducted nine interviews during which the volunteers had a high level of autonomy in how they approached the testing scenarios. During the interviews, the analysts spotted that the prototype was too complex to navigate for some users. They created a summary table with practical recommendations for its improvement, and our UI/UX designer carried them out. Thanks to the UX testing, the Customer gained valuable insights into the users’ preferences and interactions with the app.

To resolve the users’ confusion with the workout program setup and make their experience more smooth, the UX analysts also suggested creating a digital onboarding tour.

picture 11

Based on the UX testing insights, our designer introduced an effective and engaging video-animation onboarding tour for new app users. She also designed a more visually appealing and easy-to-navigate app interface, aligning it with the Customer's vision and the target audience’s needs. She utilized best practices in information architecture, user-centered design, and interaction design to ensure the user experience was cohesive, accessible, and engaging.

Market Promotion Strategy Development and ASO Optimization

Following the usability testing phase, our UX analysts devised an effective market promotion strategy for TriadXP’s relaunch. The promotion campaign relied on the market and competitor research conducted earlier.

Initially, the Customer planned a three-month marketing campaign. To help reduce the promotion budget without compromising campaign effectiveness, ScienceSoft’s team suggested a one-month test relaunch campaign during Q5 (holiday season). To prove the campaign’s feasibility, we provided the startup with a detailed cost-benefit analysis. Triad Fitness Group also received marketing costs optimization advice and assistance in choosing a marketing agency to implement the plan.

In addition, our team evaluated TriadXP's App Store optimization. To increase the product's visibility and attract more users, we recommended enhancing the app's descriptions and adding targeted keywords that would make the app appear in more searches.

Mike Elia, CEO at Triad Fitness Group, says:

We are thankful for the comprehensive suite of product redesign and app evolution services provided by ScienceSoft.

The team started with a meticulous analysis of our competitors and helped us better understand our target audience. They were very knowledgeable when it came to choosing value-adding features, and they also performed thorough usability testing. The team’s flexibility is beyond praise, as any time we brought up new ideas, they quickly adapted to our changing requirements.

We also appreciate ScienceSoft’s efforts to reduce the project costs and meet our tight relaunch schedule. They worked expeditiously and even prepared market promotion strategies, proving to us that they cared about TriadXP’s success as much as we did.

Key Outcomes for the Customer

  • A clear vision of the fitness app’s target user base, its needs and expectations thanks to a thorough target audience analysis by ScienceSoft.
  • A winning brand strategy and a strong brand identity able to resonate with the target audience and give the Customer a competitive edge.
  • The opportunity to generate new revenue and boost user engagement with the adoption of the B2C business model.
  • A more convenient and intuitive UX, an appealing UI, and a digital onboarding tour for new TriadXP users, all implemented within 2 months.
  • The app’s enhanced scalability and flexibility for future updates thanks to the new Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture implemented by ScienceSoft.
  • A comprehensive market promotion strategy, a relaunch campaign plan, and marketing budget optimization for the revamped app.
  • The opportunity to achieve better App Store visibility and expand the app’s reach.

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