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Testing and Support of BI-enabled ERP for a Multi-Industry Corporation

Full-scale testing and technical support of a multi-faceted ERP system integrated with a BI module during long-term partnership with a European country’s major retail & wholesale brand.


Pentesting of 11,500 IPs and 50 Apps for a Warehouse Automation Provider

ScienceSoft's security engineers carried out black box penetration testing for the world's leading warehouse automation provider. In just 15 days, ScienceSoft's ethical hackers tested a large-scale IT infrastructure of 11,500 IP addresses and 50 applications.


Testing of a B2C Ecommerce Solution for a Multi-Industry Company

ScienceSoft’s testing team performed comprehensive testing of a new B2C e-store for a multi-industry company operating nationwide. Testing assured that the B2C e-store was fully functional and was successfully integrated with the Customer’s ERP, BI module and the B2B e-store created earlier.


Performance Testing of a Loyalty Program Application

ScienceSoft managed to conduct performance testing of the customer loyalty program application in extremely short time and detect all the system’s bottlenecks. After test results analysis, the Customer moved frontends to less busy resource pool, added CPU to the frontend VMs and, eventually, launched the application on time.


Testing of a Multifunctional Mobile App for a Large Retail Company

ScienceSoft’s mobile testing team performed end-to-end testing of a mobile app for a large company selling books and periodicals for all ages nationwide.


Managed Testing of an Ecommerce Solution, CRM and Data Warehouse for US Multi-Industry Corporation

ScienceSoft provided all-encompassing managed testing services of a new web store integrated with CRM solution and a data warehouse into one ecosystem developed for a US multi-industry corporation.