Data Warehousing Consulting

Data Warehousing Consulting Services - ScienceSoft

Data warehouse consulting helps with designing and implementing DWH to consolidate disparate data sources to enable informed decision-making across a company.

ScienceSoft offers DWH consulting for DWH design, implementation or migration and helps you choose DWH platform, architecture, and data model for optimal DWH performance and costs.

Looking for Expertise to Build or Migrate DWH?
ScienceSoft’s data warehouse consultants are ready to guide you through every step of your DWH design, implementation, or migration or provide complete DWH project management.


  • Data analytics expertise since 1989.
  • 15 years of experience in rendering data warehouse services.
  • Designing and implementing business intelligence solutions since 2005.
  • 7 years of big data consulting and implementation practice.
  • Expertise in 23 industries, including: manufacturing, retail and wholesale, professional services, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, energy.

Technology Stack

Data warehouse technologies

Cloud services

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What You Get with DWH Consulting Services by ScienceSoft

DWH design
  • Engineered DWH requirements.
  • Business case, recommendations on optimizing DWH implementation and operation costs.
  • Selected DWH platform.
  • DWH architecture.
  • Data model.
  • Data governance policy and design. Data governance includes:
    • Data quality
    • Data availability
    • Data security
DWH implementation / migration / optimization
  • Implementation / migration / optimization plan.
  • Consulting support during implementation / migration / optimization or complete project management.

Highlights of Our DWH Consulting Services

Multidisciplinary expertise

Our DWH consulting team consists of:

  • Project managers.
  • BI consultants.
  • DWH architects.
  • Data quality experts.

Effective communication

  • One-to-one sessions with project stakeholders.
  • Meetings with several or all stakeholders to reconcile conflicting expectations.
  • Presentations of important project decisions, deliverables, risks or project milestone results.
  • Cross-departmental workgroups to solve complex problems (e.g., related to data quality, master data management).

Pricing Models for Our DWH Consulting Services

Fixed price

  • Small DWHs or DWHs with simple data sources.
  • Short-term (up to 4 months) fixed-scope engagements.

Time & Material

  • Midsize and large data warehouses or data warehouses with complex architecture.
  • End-to-end DWH consulting.

Our Hallmark DWH and BI Projects

Development of a Cloud DWH and BI Solution for the Producer of Phytotherapy Products

ScienceSoft integrated disparate data sources in a cloud DWH solution for the Customer to achieve improved visibility into internal business processes and conduct company-wide reporting and analysis.

Migration of a Data Warehousing Solution to Facilitate Big Data Analysis

ScienceSoft migrated a big data warehousing solution for advertising channel analysis in 10+ countries to help one of the top market research companies conduct analysis up to 100 times faster and process 1,000 different data formats.

Development of a DWH and Analytics Solution for 500+ Nursing Homes

ScienceSoft developed a DWH, ETL pipelines, and an analytical cube to help 500+ nursing homes improve their analytical process and set up transparent reporting.

Development of a DWH and Analytics Solution for a Multibusiness Corporation

ScienceSoft developed a centralized data management platform for the Customer to get a 360-degree customer view, optimize stock management and assess employees’ performance.

Development of a DWH and Analytics Solution for Advanced Sales Analysis

ScienceSoft developed a data management and analytics platform for a multinational FMCG corporation with more than 200 markets, one billion consumers, and 60,000 employees, which helped the Customer to distribute 100 SKUs through 10 large retail chains and 10,500 stores.

Development of a DWH and Analytics Solution for a Regulatory Authority

ScienceSoft developed a robust data management and analytics solution for the Customer to automate data flow management and obtain company-wide reporting. The company’s specialists are empowered now to conduct comprehensive financial analysis and perform proactive capital markets regulation.

Development of a Data Warehouse and Analytics Solution for Luxury Vehicle Dealers

ScienceSoft built a complete performance management system for the automotive software provider with a network of 55,000 clients in 80 countries to enable data collection and analysis for vehicles sales and services, spare parts availability as well as financial reporting.

Choose Your Service Option

DWH implementation consulting

We help you:

  • Consolidate disjointed data sources into centralized storage.
  • Build a solid foundation for transparent analytics and reporting.
  • Achieve high data quality.
  • Ensure data security and compliance.

Cloud DWH migration consulting

We help you:

  • Achieve dynamic scaling of the DWH infrastructure.
  • Optimize DWH performance and costs.
  • Ensure timely and quality data flow for business users with near-zero DWH downtime.
  • Comply with industry, regulatory and organizational requirements.

DWH optimization

We help you meet newly arising analytics needs:

  • Reduce data latency.
  • Solve performance and concurrency problems.
  • Lower storage and processing costs.
  • Achieve DWH stability.
  • Meet increased reporting and analytical demands.

How DWH Consulting Helps Reduce Data Warehouse Costs

  • 30%
    project time and budget cost reduction due to thorough project management.
  • Up to 60%
    less IT staff time to deploy, administer and support a DWH solution due to choosing an optimal DWH platform.
  • Minimized
    infrastructure costs. No risk of infrastructure overprovisioning due to choosing proper DWH architecture, software, cloud vendor, cloud service configurations, etc.