The odds of mHealth in chronic disease management

Check out our new infographic about the opportunities and challenges in mHealth chronic disease management.

7 website redesign quests

Knowing the following 7 website redesign pitfalls, you’ll be able to defend your search engine ranking while improving sales and keeping users engaged.

Pitfalls of using JSLink with SharePoint apps for Office Store

Our SharePoint expert Alex Kananchuk shares his experience of trying to use JSLink to override the standard SharePoint functionality during a project to create an app for the Office Store.

Spreading mobile health across-platform

Match the functionality of a healthcare mobile app that you want to develop with a suitable platform.

A fork in the road: desktop apps and technologies

Since the creation of the first digital computer, it has been evolving along the two major axis: improving the performance and making it cheaper. As a result, personal computers (PCs) have gained a huge number of users. And nowadays the emerging mobile platforms allow you to always have your PC with you wherever you go. So, where is the place for the desktop platform apps?

Mobile banking trends in 2015

ScienceSoft explores the issues of developing mobile banking applications and shares some ideas on how to create a reliable banking app.

Capabilities of React.js

React is not a frontend framework but rather a library offering a new approach to build view. It creates a virtual DOM to track changes when the application state is updated and uses the virtual DOM to update only those parts of the page which have been changed. Since all DOM manipulations occur simultaneously in an efficient way, it makes UI lightning fast.

Meeting business analyst

The list of challenges can be prolonged, but the above presented challenges are the ones that Business Analysts most frequently face.