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A Complete Guide on Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification

Find out how becoming a certified Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant helps benefit Salesforce administrators and developers and their employers alike.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Review: Top Pros and Cons

ScienceSoft gives an overview of Salesforce Sales Cloud according to the experience with Sales Cloud consulting and implementation projects. We look at the most prominent advantages and drawbacks by demonstrating reviews of real Sales Cloud users.

Top 3 Salesforce Sales Cloud Apps on AppExchange: A Quick Overview

We analyze 3 most useful Salesforce Sales Cloud applications on AppExchange according to SienceSoft’s customers experience.

What is Salesforce? Top Questions Answered

What is Salesforce? What does it do? Why is Salesforce considered #1 CRM? Find out in our article!

Salesforce Lightning Benefits To Level Up Your Business

Learn how new features available in Salesforce Lightning help improve sales teams’ productivity, drive analytics and forecasting, enhance security, and more.

Salesforce Classic vs Lightning: Driving Business Value at Lightning UI Speed

Salesforce Classic vs Lightning is the choice many companies face. We outline why Lightning is a better UI, dwell on its limitations and give practical tips for effective migration.

How To Become a Salesforce Developer: Tips and Basics

We outline how to become a Salesforce developer and provide important knowledge the beginners in Salesforce development will need.

4 Reasons Salesforce Custom Apps are Worth Your Consideration

Find out why a custom-built Salesforce app may be a better choice than the one from AppExchange.

See to Your Sales Data Hygiene with Salesforce Data Cleansing

Find out how the best practices of Salesforce data cleansing help improve the quality of sales analytics and forecasting, boost up sales professionals’ productivity, and shorten a sales cycle.

Looking for Alternatives to Salesforce? Consider our List of Salesforce Competitors

We analyze the most prominent modern CRMs to help you understand if there are decent alternatives to Salesforce for your business.