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Implementing Salesforce: 3 project examples to show you why

Consider our project examples to see the benefits that successful Salesforce implementation brings to enterprises of different domains.

How complex sales get more effective with Salesforce

We come up with the key distinctive features of complex sales that can be frustrating for sales teams if neglected and bring Salesforce into action to see if it can be effective there.

Salesforce downtime: what to expect and how to prepare

Since the myth of providing 100% server uptime was debunked, companies should be prepared for an occasional service disruption. Let’s delve into the subject and see what steps you can take in order to survive Salesforce downtime with minimum losses.

Salesforce adoption problems and how to solve them

Poor user adoption can bring all efforts for the successful Salesforce rollout to nothing. However, this problem is not unsolvable in case of implementing a solid adoption strategy.

Adopting Salesforce Sales Cloud to solve sales manager challenges

The functionality of Salesforce Sales Cloud equips sales managers with efficient automated tools to solve their challenges and increase sales productivity.

How to achieve a more effective sales process through Salesforce

Learn how CRM implementation can streamline your sales process by the example of Salesforce Sales Cloud, which provides the convenient and efficient tools at all stages.

Not at all Terminator: Salesforce AI for Marketing, Sales and Service

What can Salesforce AI do for marketing, sales and service? If put in a few words, it can take the tedious routine tasks off your employees and help them focus on more essential matters. How? It’s all here.

Salesforce Portals sink into oblivion? Why Salesforce moves to Communities

Did Salesforce have any solid reasons to abandon Customer, Self-service and Partner Portals? Let’s try to understand Salesforce Communities.

Salesforce IoT Cloud: benefits and limitations

Salesforce IoT Сloud turns the big data coming from customers’ connected things into meaningful insights helping to optimize products and services and discover new effective business models. Nevertheless, there are some points of concern that may hamper the adoption of Salesforce IoT Сloud.

Safe & Sound: what Salesforce has for your smart city?

Salesforce for smart city offers a number of components that are well integrated to one another and contributes to a smarter and safer urban environment.