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How Modern Tools for Vendor Management Can Supercharge Your Business

Explore how digital tools can help to transform the vendor management process at each stage of cooperation - from search and initial assessment to daily operations and future cooperation planning.

The missing element of perfect supply: where eprocurement takes us

Why more and more companies get enthusiastic about entering eprocurement? Find out the gains of a procurement portal sliced and diced.

B2B customer portal: competitiveness through customer experience

СX is more and more often called the most significant aspect of any business. We discover the key features of B2B customer portals that can greatly contribute to CX improvement.

How to get the most of your B2B Vendor portal

We find out how to make a B2B Vendor portal really streamline the business processes for the buyer and contribute to the supplier’s trust and loyalty.

Salesforce Portals sink into oblivion? Why Salesforce moves to Communities

Did Salesforce have any solid reasons to abandon Customer, Self-service and Partner Portals? Let’s try to understand Salesforce Communities.

A starter guide to developing a successful B2B trade portal

We’re discovering three important dos and three absolute don’ts about developing a successful B2B trade portal.

How to use gamification in banking to engage customers and employees

Gamification can become a valuable tool to engage customers and keep banking CRM up-to-date.

How to engage channel partners with a portal?

Designed to create opportunities to streamline sales, empower partners and achieve competitive advantages, many partner portals end up unpopular with channel partners. Find out how to engage partners through a portal by turning it into their everyday tool that is interactive, convenient and valuable.

How to understand website visitor engagement with web analytics

Interpreting website visitor statistics with commonly used metrics is not free of pitfalls. Learn how to understand website visitor engagement through web analytics by time on page and types of visitor engagement.

The guide to displaying partners on your website correctly

Find out how to display your partners on the website correctly and hence ensure more leads for them and more business for you.