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How to use gamification in banking to engage customers and employees

Gamification can become a valuable tool to engage customers and keep banking CRM up-to-date.

How to engage channel partners with a portal?

Designed to create opportunities to streamline sales, empower partners and achieve competitive advantages, many partner portals end up unpopular with channel partners. Find out how to engage partners through a portal by turning it into their everyday tool that is interactive, convenient and valuable.

How to understand website visitor engagement with web analytics

Interpreting website visitor statistics with commonly used metrics is not free of pitfalls. Learn how to understand website visitor engagement through web analytics by time on page and types of visitor engagement.

The guide to displaying partners on your website correctly

Find out how to display your partners on the website correctly and hence ensure more leads for them and more business for you.

3 Reasons why B2B companies should go for website-CRM integration

Discover how website CRM integration can help your B2B enterprise to understand your customers better and increase engagement via content personalization.

How to increase B2B sales with a website

Many businesses underestimate the potential of online B2B sales, thinking of their websites as online brochures to showcase products or services. It comes as no surprise that these websites, often rigid and generic in response to visitors’ needs, tend to achieve little in lead generation. Behind this inefficiency there stands a dilemma: do you want to simply stay online and be grateful for small leads or do you want to win more, bigger customers, showing credibility, expertise and a personalized approach? If you set out to increase B2B sales with your website, read on for our practical advice on how to accomplish that.

Perks of using medical website personalization

Few relations are more personal than those between patients and their doctors. Still, a lot of medical websites tend to fail to offer content personalization to strengthen and extend these bonds. Content personalization is a tool of influence that can deliver meaningful information such as geo-targeted clinic search and a ‘recently visited’ section with pages and services from visitors’ previous entries.

7 website redesign quests

Wishing you a slick road to your new website, we still want to warn you about the redesign challenges ahead. Being aware of the following 7 pitfalls, you’ll be able to defend your search engine ranking while improving sales and keeping users engaged.

3 big challenges of web content migration

Redesigning your website to keep up with the latest trends carries both undeniable benefits and significant risks. The main challenge here is to migrate your content, which very often appears to be a more costly undertaking than creating a website from scratch.

Article review: the maths behind Amazon Web Services migration

No denying that cloud technologies have become commonplace in business as Amazon has entered an arms race with Microsoft. In a series of articles, our leading tech specialists wake up their inner business gurus and share the vision and practical details about how cloud solutions that we provide help our clients to run their operations and marketing in a smarter way.