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Our SharePoint articles shed light on how SharePoint and Office 365 can help organizations meet challenges in enterprise and team collaboration, document (contract), project and knowledge management, intranet implementation, etc. Here, business owners, CIOs, process managers and IT managers may draw valuable insights about SharePoint functionality to support business processes.

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How to Use SharePoint for Enterprise Document Management

We show how SharePoint DMS can address the peculiarities of enterprise document management and explain how to use SharePoint to organize efficient document management at the enterprise level.

How To Use SharePoint Effectively to Meet Healthcare Needs

How can SharePoint meet the specific needs of healthcare, a highly regulated industry with complex internal processes? What are the benefits and limitations of using this platform in healthcare organizations? Read our article to find out.

Should Companies Consider a SharePoint HR Portal for Managing Personnel?

The article analyzes how companies can leverage a SharePoint HR portal for employee management and describes its benefits, challenges and popular use cases.

How To Stay HIPAA Compliant When Using SharePoint?

The article gives an overview of HIPAA safeguards and shows what SharePoint has to offer to ensure security of healthcare information and help healthcare providers to stay HIPAA compliant.

The Strategy of Successful SharePoint Implementation

The success of SharePoint implementation depends on many factors. This guide describes how to implement SharePoint in the right way.

How to use SharePoint to organize enterprise collaboration

We describe our vision of enterprise collaboration: it’s about a company’s culture in the first place and then about technology. Also, we will show if SharePoint can be helpful in solving collaboration-related challenges and mention other popular collaboration platforms.

Why and how to implement a ticketing system with SharePoint

Explore customization capabilities of the SharePoint platform that allow creating a ticketing system for enterprises and learn about the advantages and limitations of SharePoint-based ticketing.

Pros and cons of a SharePoint intranet

We’ve put together all the SharePoint intranet advantages and drawbacks so that you can decide if it suits your business needs, collaboration patterns and budgeting strategy.

Digital transformation of employee training and development

With digital transformation, employee training and development is faster, more relevant, effective, and accessible. Learn how learning management systems, employee mobile apps, and extended reality technologies can address modern training needs.

Pros and cons of SharePoint LMS

Learn how key features of learning management software can be implemented in SharePoint and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of using SharePoint as a learning management system.