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Our SharePoint articles shed light on how SharePoint and Office 365 can help organizations meet challenges in enterprise and team collaboration, document (contract), project and knowledge management, intranet implementation, etc. Here, business owners, CIOs, process managers and IT managers may draw valuable insights about SharePoint functionality to support business processes.

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Best Practices of Online Document Collaboration

Explore the advantages of online document collaboration. Learn how to make the most of real-time collaboration with joint creating, editing and sharing of documents.

New SharePoint Features Supporting Compliance

Learn about new compliance capabilities of SharePoint effective since the end of 2019.

Build a Custom Intranet or Buy One Off the Shelf: What’s Best?

We scrutinize upsides and downsides of building a custom company intranet and buying a ready-made solution to help businesses choose between the options.

What Makes a Successful Intranet Homepage Design

Learn how to make a successful homepage that attracts users, helps them access relevant information quickly and easily and supports employee collaboration.

How to Get a Microsoft SharePoint Certification

Learn about the benefits Microsoft SharePoint certifications can bring to professionals and businesses. Explore currently available Microsoft SharePoint certifications for SharePoint administrators, developers, and others.

Classification of Best Practices for SharePoint Document Management

Implementing SharePoint DMS is not a guarantee of effective document management on its own. Learn about best practices that will help you to get the most of your SharePoint document management solution.

What SharePoint Developers Actually Do

You know what skills SharePoint developers should have but don’t know what for? Learn about responsibilities of SharePoint developers.

Should You Opt for SharePoint Online as Document Management Software?

Learn about document management capabilities of Office 365 SharePoint Online. Explore whether it’s a good idea to choose SharePoint Online for building a document management solution for your business.

Can SharePoint Online Be Good Contract Management Software?

Explore whether contract management software based on SharePoint Online is a good idea for small and large businesses that want to streamline handling contracts due to full automation of their life cycle, including creation, approval workflow and signing.

How to Protect Internal Websites from Security Threats

Learn about the most common internal and external security threats to intranets. Explore best practices of protecting internal websites.