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Office 365 security in questions and answers

In this article, we focus on different security aspects of Office 365 and Microsoft 365. We answer the most frequent questions on Office 365 security to help you decide whether you can trust the Microsoft cloud or you’d rather stay with your on-premises deployment.

Business vs social SharePoint intranet: explained with real examples

Having been developing SharePoint intranets for over 10 years, we see that most often companies choose either business-driven intranets where work-related features dominate or social intranets that focus on social activities and corporate culture. So let’s see the examples of both intranets and define how they serve organizations.

How to balance a SharePoint intranet to make it powerful and engaging?

How to create the right balance between business-related and social features on your SharePoint intranet? Discover hands-on tips in this article.

Office 365 project management: tools and capabilities

Explore a variety of task and project management capabilities within Office 365 and choose the most suitable toolset for your team or organization on the whole.

Implementing a SharePoint intranet in large, medium-sized and small organizations: What makes the difference?

In this article, we analyze specific characteristics of large, medium-sized and small companies and identify what kind of SharePoint intranet suits each group.

4 feasible steps to increase user adoption of your SharePoint intranet

SharePoint intranet comes into a company’s life to facilitate business processes, to help employees with their day-to-day routine, to support collaboration and to promote corporate values. But if despite all your efforts, no one shows any interest in the new system, you have to identify possible reasons for users’ reluctance and address them promptly.

Prioritizing SharePoint intranet features: What it means for the success of your solution

What is your first idea about a SharePoint intranet? You’ll say, it’s a private network for organization-wide collaboration and you will be absolutely right. But what’s inside an intranet and what purposes does it serve?

Pros and cons of a SharePoint intranet

We’ve put together all the SharePoint intranet advantages and drawbacks so that you can decide if it suits your business needs, collaboration patterns and budgeting strategy.

SharePoint communication sites: What role will they take in your organization?

Announced during the SharePoint Virtual Summit this May, communication sites became available for Office 365 First Release customers on June 27, 2017. Microsoft plans to finish a complete rollout of communication sites by the end of August, so it's just the right time to learn what benefits communication sites can bring.

Office 365 collaboration tools: Comprehensive Overview

If you consider adopting Office 365 suite, take a look at multiple collaboration options you can choose.