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How to Develop an Effective Business Intelligence Strategy?

Study the potential value to target with a BI solution and a roadmap to develop your effective business intelligence strategy.

5 Benefits a Company Gets with Business Intelligence On Board

Explore 5 important benefits of a BI solution and see how a company can make good use of them.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Examples, Insights, and Dashboards

Explore business intelligence & analytics examples for the retail, healthcare, and real estate development industries. Grab the best ideas and be among the companies whose BI initiative brings an above-the-average ROI.

3 Reasons to Drive Business Intelligence Adoption in Manufacturing

We describe the potential of business intelligence that the players in the manufacturing industry haven’t fully embraced yet.

Challenges You’ll Face While Building Up Your Data Analytics Team

To grow and structure an in-house data analytics team is not always a safe choice. Our Head of Analytics Department shares an example of a typical company that chooses this option, as well as 3 main challenges that they are likely to face in the process.

Does ERP Contain Enough Data for Business Intelligence?

Our BI implementation team describes the components of our proprietary BI framework and explains whether ERP data is enough to get valuable insights within each of them.

9 Microsoft Certifications in Business Intelligence and Data Science

Explore Microsoft certifications in business intelligence and data science. Learn how to verify data analytics/big data/machine learning skills, as well as prove the mastery of Microsoft tools, such as Azure, Power BI or SQL Server.

3 Approaches to Business Intelligence as a Service

To show business intelligence as a service from different angles, we provide two examples from our data analytics outsourcing practice, as well as the research findings.

Business Intelligence Framework That Brings Informed Decision-Making on Board

Explore a framework for business analytics we have developed to help businesses approach their BI strategically and make informed decisions.

The Bright and the Dark Sides of Operational Business Intelligence in 2019

Our BI implementation team dwells on the evolvement of operational BI in 2019, considers the advantages that it brings in real-life projects, as well as the hurdles that can spoil its implementation.