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Business Intelligence Implementation: 5 Key Questions Answered

We share information useful for companies contemplating BI implementation: required investments and expected payback period, main advantages and typical problems, contractual and collaboration tips.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics: Making Use of the Alliance

You have a BI solution implemented, but still check recent BI trends? Wisely done! We suggest you consider data analytics trends as well. This gives you a great chance to empower your solution.

PepsiCo’s competitive strategy turned into KPIs

Let’s look at the KPIs and business strategy of PepsiCo from the perspective of their recently published Q2 2017 results.

How BI can help create a unique customer experience

Striving to deliver a unique customer experience, companies should not overlook the benefits that customer intelligence can bring.

How to translate a corporate strategy into KPIs

Without the right KPIs, it’s impossible to execute even a brilliant strategy. Explore why KPIs are important and how BI helps in strategic management.

Cash flow analysis: How BI technology can help

If a cash flow analysis is inefficient because of excessive manual work, it’s time to consider adopting a tech solution from BI consulting practitioners.

Self-service BI & professional data analytics: How to create synergy

BI users are not data analysis experts, but BI is still available for them. The article explores self-service BI tools vs. professional data analysts.