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Evolutionary approach to an IoT architecture for smart, connected products

Effective IoT development begins with a reliable IoT architecture that helps make smart, connected products important business-boosting components and can be modified as the business grows and corporate IT and IoT strategies enter new maturity levels.

IoT penetration testing: insights for customers

ScienceSoft’s certified ethical hacker dwells on IoT security and the choice of the right IoT penetration testing vendor.

Exploring IoT applications for smart cities of different sizes

IoT-based smart cities come in all sizes. In this article, we explore smart applications for large, mid-sized and small cities and explain the specificity of their implementation.

Extend, not rebuild: iterative approach to IoT for smart city

Implementing IoT-based smart city solutions may be long and expensive. With iterative approach, you can avoid unreasonable investments and gauge quick impact.

How IoT influences education

With the help of the IoT, educational technology is moving beyond online tutorials and virtual classrooms and is progressing towards a greater transformation by making learning simpler, faster, and safer.

IoT systems classification with examples

Choosing a type of an IoT solution suitable for a business and covering its needs is a crucial step when a company plans to implement or update its IT strategy. Basing on the experience in IoT development, ScienceSoft offers IoT systems classification.

IoT for smart city: use cases, approaches, outcomes

IoT is an integral part of a smart city. Find out practical applications of IoT smart city solutions and the results they have for ensuring better life quality.

Salesforce IoT Cloud: benefits and limitations

Salesforce IoT Сloud turns the big data coming from customers’ connected things into meaningful insights helping to optimize products and services and discover new effective business models. Nevertheless, there are some points of concern that may hamper the adoption of Salesforce IoT Сloud.

Safe & Sound: what Salesforce has for your smart city?

Salesforce for smart city offers a number of components that are well integrated to one another and contributes to a smarter and safer urban environment.

How Big Data Influences Your IoT Solution

We look at the specifics of IoT big data, as well as describe what important things you should consider prior to designing and implementing IoT data storage and analysis.