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How mental health apps can help with mental disorders

We discuss the features and types of mental health apps and talk about how they can make the battle with mental disorders easier.

How mobile payments are transforming hospitality and restaurant industries

We give a concise overview of how hotel and restaurant mobile payments are changing both businesses’ offers and customers’ expectations.

Custom hospital apps vs. off-the-shelf products: Addressing 5 challenges of healthcare mobile solutions

Is it worth developing a custom hospital app instead of purchasing an out of the box solution? It is. We explain why off-the-shelf mobile healthcare products are inferior to custom development.

How to make your telemedicine app HIPAA-compliant

While telemedicine apps are convenient, not all are HIPAA-compliant. This can lead to confidentiality issues for both patients and medical professionals. In this blog post we discuss HIPAA guidelines and how they guarantee the security of sensitive medical information.

Mobile retail store app: 5 features that will step up your business

We show how mobile store apps can increase customer satisfaction and improve retail shop businesses.

Telemedicine App Development: Why opt for it and what challenges to expect

We offer tips for telemedicine app development and describe telehealth app’s features, advantages and challenges involved in the implementation process.

Medical apps for doctors: Functional overview

We explore the possible functionality of medical apps for doctors and describe such features as schedule, patient tracking, assisting algorithms and knowledge base.

5 tips how banks can increase mobile banking security

Though the amount of fraudulent activities steadily grows, banks have a number of ways to strengthen mobile banking security.

No more crash and burn: how to ensure your app's stability?

App stability can be the number one cause of headache for all parties involved: users, the development team, the project manager, and, last but not least, — the top management and the shareholders. Ensuring your app’s uptime is considered one of the major priorities of any SaaS company. In this article, we cover some of the most important precautions that will help your business stay on track.

App development process: 7 steps from an idea to a feasible product

To explain the app development process to business owners, we list the seven fundamental steps.