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How to Use Augmented Reality to Streamline Order Picking in Warehouses

The article gives examples of hands-on augmented reality features that streamline item picking, speaks about integration of AR software, training of its algorithms, as well as tackles the dilemma of an AR device to target.

Augment your sales with augmented reality retail apps

We consider the functionality of augmented reality retail apps, such as augmented fitting rooms, item positioning, AR stores, and AR-assisted navigation. Moreover, we discuss AR model creation and app integration with PIM, CRM and an ecommerce solution.

5 trends that can help you reduce mobile app development costs

In the article, we list the ways to make your next app development project less costly.

How mobile apps can help your patients with medication intake

We list essential features for patient medication apps: a medication plan, reminders, drug interaction checker, pill identifier, medication search, and prescription renewal.

Anxiety apps: How mental care professionals can bolster their patients’ anxiety coping ability

We break down the functionality pack of anxiety apps to components, such as stress relief help, physical symptoms trackers, and medication plan.

How mental health apps can help with mental disorders

We discuss the features and types of mental health apps and talk about how they can make the battle with mental disorders easier.

How mobile payments are transforming hospitality and restaurant industries

We give a concise overview of how hotel and restaurant mobile payments are changing both businesses’ offers and customers’ expectations.

Custom hospital apps vs. off-the-shelf products: Addressing 5 challenges of healthcare mobile solutions

Is it worth developing a custom hospital app instead of purchasing an out of the box solution? It is. We explain why off-the-shelf mobile healthcare products are inferior to custom development.

How to make your telemedicine app HIPAA-compliant

While telemedicine apps are convenient, not all are HIPAA-compliant. This can lead to confidentiality issues for both patients and medical professionals. In this blog post we discuss HIPAA guidelines and how they guarantee the security of sensitive medical information.

Mobile retail store app: 5 features that will step up your business

We show how mobile store apps can increase customer satisfaction and improve retail shop businesses.