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Cancer and AI-based image analysis: A revolutionary way to detect, predict, and treat DNA mutations

Cancer diagnosis and detection have long been hot button issues, but with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and big data organization, a solution may finally be at hand.

Biometric Technology: Advanced Technologies Are Making Their Way into the Workplace

Although it might seem new to some people, the use of biometric technology has been around for quite some time. We can totally understand why it’s crucial for business owners to adopt biometric technology in this age and time.

Banks need emotion recognition software to increase customer loyalty

Banking software consultants advice using text, voice and image analysis software to interpret customers’ emotions and boost customer loyalty.

3D face recognition to join a list of mobile-enabled biometrics

Authentication based on 3D biometrics is finally reaching out to mobile. But is it a security need or just a new thing to woo mobile users with?

The Great Expectations of the ImageNet Challenge 2017

Computer vision scientists from around the world are competing to create the most accurate image analysis algorithm.

Computer vision takes the food industry to the next level

Image analysis is changing the food industry by facilitating visual inspection of various products.

Computer vision to solve problems of the bakery industry

A guide to using image analysis in the bakery industry to ensure the best quality of bread, buns and pastry.

A new breakthrough in image segmentation makes computer vision more accurate

A new segmentation technique significantly improves the accuracy of image analysis algorithms.

The state of the art in dental image analysis

Dental image analysis propels dental radiology to new heights via computer-aided diagnosis systems

Machine vision to detect solar panel defects

Image-based methods are successfully used for inspecting PV modules both in the production line and in the field.