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Software Development Costs: All Factors That Influence the X Figure

Discover what factors influence software development costs and how to reduce expenses on your project.

Agile Software Development Culture 101: Practices, Challenges, and Solutions

Learn about software development culture that allows reaping the benefits of Agile development and avoiding possible risks. You can use this information to find an efficient outsourcing company.

Wait, What? Hidden Costs of Software Development Outsourcing

Find out the hidden costs of software development outsourcing and learn how to choose an outsourcing company to minimize them.

Software Outsourcing: 6 Hotspot Destinations You Most Likely Missed

India isn’t the only option for software outsourcing! ScienceSoft reveals statistical data on 6 countries that develop software with the winning price/quality balance.

2020 Software Development Trends Explained With Benefits and Use Cases

Explore the latest software development trends with statistics and hot use cases on how they transform businesses in almost every industry.

Software Development Metrics Part 2: KPIs to Measure the Project’s Health

Find out how KPIs help measure the health of your software development project and plan your team’s workflow better.

Steps to Nail Software Development Time Estimation

Find out how to do time estimations for any software development project step by step and avoid common pitfalls related to planning.

Software Development Metrics Part 1: Software Quality KPIs

In software development projects, key performance indicators measure the quality of software over time. Discover which metrics matter the most, and how you can build a comprehensive set of software KPIs.

Metrics in Software Development: How To Implement the Practice and Have Efforts Justified

We explore the framework of gathering metrics in the course of a software development project and hint on how to implement the practice as easily and effectively as possible.

7 Best Practices to Ensure Your Software Development Team Works Efficiently

Find out how to build a software development team that fits your project and create work processes that boost productivity. We cover various aspects: from team structure types and informal roles to communication and conflicts.