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Software Development Metrics Part 1: Software Quality KPIs

In software development projects, key performance indicators measure the quality of software over time. Discover which metrics matter the most, and how you can build a comprehensive set of software KPIs.

Metrics in Software Development: How To Implement the Practice and Have Efforts Justified

We explore the framework of gathering metrics in the course of a software development project and hint on how to implement the practice as easily and effectively as possible.

7 Best Practices to Ensure Your Software Development Team Works Efficiently

Find out how to build a software development team that fits your project and create work processes that boost productivity. We cover various aspects: from team structure types and informal roles to communication and conflicts.

A Full-Fledged Guide to Product Feature Prioritization

Our guide to product feature prioritization describes 3 prioritization models for MVP planning, 6 models for release planning and 3 techniques for overcoming choice paralysis.

Plan Your Project with Your Software Development Model in Mind

We’ve gathered planning specifics of most popular software development models to help you create a winning software project plan that would contribute to effective project management.

How not to Fall Victim to 4 Acute Risks of Software Development Outsourcing

Learn the ways to avoid potential project risks in software development outsourcing: poor vendor choice, ineffective vendor-customer communication, insufficient knowledge transfer and inadequate cybersecurity measures.

Agile Software Development: Benefits for Outsourcing Vendors

The Agile approach to software development outsourcing has vivid benefits for vendors in terms of easier project planning, improved team and project management and more opportunities for preventing software quality problems.

Don’t Let Software Development Outsourcing Trends Provoke Risks

Software development outsourcing trends may provoke alarming outsourcing risks instead of bringing expected business benefits. See how to prevent it in your outsourcing initiative.

A Guide to Launching SaaS Development

We talk about the advantages of SaaS development over on-premises implementation and give tips on making important SaaS-related decisions, including the choice of a cloud platform and a revenue model.

5 Best Practices for SaaS Product Design

We offer best practices for creating conversion-driven UI/UX design of SaaS products.