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Small Business Gets Big Data Benefits with 3 Data Sources

Find out what data sources your small business can use to benefit from the powers of big data analytics.

How to Make Big Data Implementation a Success: Roadmap and Best Practices to Follow

Get inspired with real-life examples, follow a roadmap we share, and make your big data implementation a success.

Is Big Data Any Good for Manufacturing? Drumroll, Please

As a manufacturer, you’re interested to see what big data can do for you? Then check out these 12 real-life use cases for big data in manufacturing and see a nice and easy guide on how to start your big data action.

40 Stats and Real-Life Examples of How Companies Use Big Data

We conducted secondary research, which serves as a comprehensive overview of how companies use big data. Here, you’ll find the facts arranged by organization size, industry and technology. You’ll also discover real-life examples and the value that big data can bring.

Cassandra vs. HBase: twins or just strangers with similar looks?

Similar at first glance, Cassandra and HBase actually are quite different in terms of architecture, performance and data models. What are these differences and how do they influence the tasks that HBase and Cassandra perform? It’s all here.

Cassandra Performance: The Most Comprehensive Overview You’ll Ever See

Rumor has it: Apache Cassandra performance is amazing. But are there any grounds for these talks? Should you immediately fall in love with Cassandra because ‘she’ is so cool or should you just stay friends? Make the decision here.

4 milestones of successful Hadoop implementation

ScienceSoft knows how to implement Hadoop smoothly and shares some practical tips to guide you through this process. Our consultants highlighted important milestones that are also biggest challenges on your way to success.

Alternative approaches to implementing your data lake

ScienceSoft answers burning questions about big data lake design and implementation. We look at different approaches to its architecture and contemplate if there exists a preferred technology among the available stack.

Sensor data analytics in manufacturing: the ‘why’, the ‘when’ and the ‘how’

Sensor data analytics has the potential to turn your manufacturing enterprise into a competitive business. To achieve that, first read this article and learn sensor analytics essentials.

How Big Data Influences Your IoT Solution

We look at the specifics of IoT big data, as well as describe what important things you should consider prior to designing and implementing IoT data storage and analysis.