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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics: Making Use of the Alliance

You have a BI solution implemented, but still check recent BI trends? Wisely done! We suggest you consider data analytics trends as well. This gives you a great chance to empower your solution.

Big data visualization: Why companies can’t do without it

To prove the value of big data visualization, our team sums up the findings of recent dedicated surveys and shares possible use cases.

Big data visualization techniques: a quick intro

Big data visualization techniques: habitual pie charts and line graphs or something special? We share our experience in a new blog post.

Customer data analytics explained to managers

Customer data analytics explained in business questions and answers. An overview of its key features, as well as raw data and technologies required.

What is Big Data? A buzzword explained

An introduction to big data: we explain what big data is, give multi-industry examples of practical applications and explain good-to-know terms.

How banks can boost cross-selling with predictive analytics

With banking analytics software, banks can predict customer behavior, anticipate future events, and gain new insights that improve cross-selling.

Spark vs. Hadoop MapReduce: Which big data framework to choose

Hadoop MapReduce or Apache Spark? We explore two leading big data frameworks to understand the business needs each of them can satisfy.

Customer big data analytics: an overview

Is your business among those taking the most from customer analytics? Read our new business intelligence blog post to check.

PepsiCo’s competitive strategy turned into KPIs

Let’s look at the KPIs and business strategy of PepsiCo from the perspective of their recently published Q2 2017 results.

Banks need emotion recognition software to increase customer loyalty

Banking software consultants advice using text, voice and image analysis software to interpret customers’ emotions and boost customer loyalty.