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Is Big Data Any Good for Manufacturing? Drumroll, Please

As a manufacturer, you’re interested to see what big data can do for you? Then check out these 12 real-life use cases for big data in manufacturing and see a nice and easy guide on how to start your big data action.

4 types of data analytics to improve decision-making

Learn about different types of data analytics and find out which one suits your business needs best: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive or prescriptive.

5 Types of AI to Propel Your Business

Explore five different types of artificial intelligence (AI) – analytic, interactive, text, visual and functional – and get inspired by real-life business examples of AI in action.

Supplier Risk Assessment: Now Empowered with Data Science

Data science with its deep learning algorithms allows for data-driven assessment of supplier risks. Is this approach good enough to undermine the position of a traditional one? Let’s explore how it works and what its advantages and limitations are.

40 Stats and Real-Life Examples of How Companies Use Big Data

We conducted secondary research, which serves as a comprehensive overview of how companies use big data. Here, you’ll find the facts arranged by organization size, industry and technology. You’ll also discover real-life examples and the value that big data can bring.

Demand Forecasting Using Traditional and Contemporary Data Science

Dissatisfied with your demand forecasts? Instead of giving up on them completely, try reconsidering the methods you use. Here, we describe the approaches that will definitely work: traditional and contemporary data science.

Inventory optimization headache and how to approach it with data science

Is inventory optimization still your headache? Here, we describe three pills you can take - simple math, statistics and machine or namely deep learning - and show why data science can be your #1 painkiller.

Your guide to data quality management

Setting up data quality management seems to be a blurry task? We show what a well-organized process looks like and enumerate the required tools. These best practices will help you improve the quality of your data and, ultimately, your decisions.

Cassandra vs. HBase: twins or just strangers with similar looks?

Similar at first glance, Cassandra and HBase actually are quite different in terms of architecture, performance and data models. What are these differences and how do they influence the tasks that HBase and Cassandra perform? It’s all here.

Cassandra Performance: The Most Comprehensive Overview You’ll Ever See

Rumor has it: Apache Cassandra performance is amazing. But are there any grounds for these talks? Should you immediately fall in love with Cassandra because ‘she’ is so cool or should you just stay friends? Make the decision here.