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Welcome to our Data Analytics blog intended for CIOs, IT managers and analysts! Stay tuned to find the articles that cover a wide variety of topics in data analysis: predictive, prescriptive analytics and machine learning are just a few examples. You shouldn’t be code-savvy, as our blog is business-oriented.

Does ERP Contain Enough Data for Business Intelligence?

Our BI implementation team describes the components of our proprietary BI framework and explains whether ERP data is enough to get valuable insights within each of them.

9 Microsoft Certifications in Business Intelligence and Data Science

Explore Microsoft certifications in business intelligence and data science. Learn how to verify data analytics/big data/machine learning skills, as well as prove the mastery of Microsoft tools, such as Azure, Power BI or SQL Server.

3 Approaches to Business Intelligence as a Service

To show business intelligence as a service from different angles, we provide two examples from our data analytics outsourcing practice, as well as the research findings.

Business Intelligence Framework That Brings Informed Decision-Making on Board

Explore a framework for business analytics we have developed to help businesses approach their BI strategically and make informed decisions.

Does Your Business Need Data Analytics Outsourcing?

We explore data analytics outsourcing – outline the service, look at the advantages that it can bring to businesses, as well as explore the aspects that usually raise concerns.

The Bright and the Dark Sides of Operational Business Intelligence in 2019

Our BI implementation team dwells on the evolvement of operational BI in 2019, considers the advantages that it brings in real-life projects, as well as the hurdles that can spoil its implementation.

Business Intelligence Best Practices and Where to Find Them

Alex Bekker, Head of Data Analytics Department at ScienceSoft, talks about true and superficial best practices in business intelligence and recommends the information sources that describe the practices helpful for real-life projects.

Business Intelligence Implementation: 5 Key Questions Answered

We share information useful for companies contemplating BI implementation: required investments and expected payback period, main advantages and typical problems, contractual and collaboration tips.

Is Big Data Any Good for Manufacturing? Drumroll, Please

As a manufacturer, you’re interested to see what big data can do for you? Then check out these 12 real-life use cases for big data in manufacturing and see a nice and easy guide on how to start your big data action.

4 Types of Data Analytics to Improve Decision-Making

Learn about different types of data analytics and find out which one suits your business needs best: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive or prescriptive.