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Cybersecurity in the IoT era: why you need to protect your IoT solutions

The fast-paced IoT development is a significant achievement, but it comes along with many security concerns requiring prompt attention.

How enterprises confront mobile security threats

Considering the most damaging mobile security loopholes, we defined the primary measures enterprises can implement to combat the threats.

Internet Safety 101 - How to keep your employees safe and protected online

Maintaining safety and privacy practices to protect your company’s employees is quite a challenge. Read about the key measures that need to be implemented to ensure the online protection of your staff.

7 best practices for database security

Protecting your systems from various types of vulnerabilities and threats even before getting hacked is the wisest thing one could do. It is better to prevent the data loss in the first place than trying to recover the lost data later on.

Security flaws discovered in OpenEMR healthcare software

Research revealed several instances of unauthorized information disclosure within OpenEMR. One showed unauthenticated users' details, including the database name and the current version of OpenEMR an organization used.

A comprehensive guide to corporate network vulnerability assessment

Learn why vulnerability assessment should be conducted regularly, what its steps are and how it helps to secure the corporate network.

The Threats Artificial Intelligence Poses to Cybersecurity

Check what security concerns artificial intelligence raises nowadays and why you should take great care and take preventive actions before hackers do any serious harm.

Will Artificial Intelligence be the answer to BFSI cyberattacks?

Artificial Intelligence is harped to be the next big thing in the banking sector. But, can it solve the industry’s most prominent issue ever? - the problem of cybersecurity.

IoT penetration testing: insights for customers

ScienceSoft’s certified ethical hacker dwells on IoT security and the choice of the right IoT penetration testing vendor.

Biometric Technology: Advanced technologies are making their way into the workplace

Although it might seem new to some people, the use of biometric technology has been around for quite some time. We can totally understand why it’s crucial for business owners to adopt biometric technology in this age and time.