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Red team penetration testing to level up corporate security

ScienceSoft presents an expert opinion on the value of red team penetration testing

Penetration testing to control security staff’s response to hacks

Penetration testing helps CISOs assess the competency of corporate security staff.

Indicators of compromise: their role in a company’s information security

What role do indicators of compromise play in a company’s information security? ScienceSoft answers the question.

Vulnerability assessment vs. penetration testing. Know who is who

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are often confused. ScienceSoft’s article explains the difference.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Secure Software Development

Custom software development incorporates security aspect into every stage. See a ready-to-go guide to secure software development by ScienceSoft.

Web applications security: source code review vs. penetration testing

Learn about source code review and penetration testing. The two approaches help to assess a web application’s security.

Fifty shades of black, white and gray box penetration testing

The main differences between three types of penetration testing: black, white and gray.

File system ransomware protection made in Italy

Italian researchers presented a Windows file system add-on that prevents the effects of ransomware attacks on the file data.

Traffic pattern analysis inside out

A guide to the abilities and limitations of network traffic pattern analysis to detect APT and other security threats.

No head in the clouds! How health providers can avert cloud security breaches

Cloud data breaches is a major concern for healthcare security specialists. But there are ways to prevent them.