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Ready or not, tech-driven healthcare is here

Innovative technologies undoubtedly have an impact on healthcare. Here are some of the most impressive breakthroughs in the field so far.

Cancer and AI-based image analysis: A revolutionary way to detect, predict, and treat DNA mutations

Cancer diagnosis and detection have long been hot button issues, but with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and big data organization, a solution may finally be at hand.

RFID and IoT in a smart hospital: benefits and challenges of smart patient tracking

We explore patient tracking with RFID and IoT from various sides to see whether this innovation is likely to pay off.

How to boost the online reputation of your healthcare practice

We explain why combining social media and healthcare matters, and share tips on how to create a positive online reputation.

RFID and IoT: A smart symbiosis for hospital asset tracking and management

RFID and IoT asset tracking helps improve hospital asset management and bring both operational and business benefits for healthcare providers. However, there are also some concerns with adopting these technologies in the healthcare environment.

How mobile apps can help your patients with medication intake

We list essential features for patient medication apps: a medication plan, reminders, drug interaction checker, pill identifier, medication search, and prescription renewal.

Anxiety apps: How mental care professionals can bolster their patients’ anxiety coping ability

We break down the functionality pack of anxiety apps to components, such as stress relief help, physical symptoms trackers, and medication plan.

How mental health apps can help with mental disorders

We discuss the features and types of mental health apps and talk about how they can make the battle with mental disorders easier.

How Chatbots and AI are Changing the Healthcare Industry

As our technology continues to advance, it’s making waves in all areas of business and study. This article takes a dive into the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots, and how they’re impacting the healthcare industry.

Custom hospital apps vs. off-the-shelf products: Addressing 5 challenges of healthcare mobile solutions

Is it worth developing a custom hospital app instead of purchasing an out of the box solution? It is. We explain why off-the-shelf mobile healthcare products are inferior to custom development.