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The tale of patient financial responsibility: Battling bad debt with technology

With high-deductible health plans increasing patient financial responsibility, bad debt is an emerging issue. But there is a technology to fight it.

A treasure map leading to the ultimate doctor app

The variety of applications that support doctors in their daily tasks can be sometimes overwhelming. While other reviewers tend to list doctor apps according to their opinions, we've decided to concentrate on particular features. Our overview can help physicians in picking a right app for their work scope or can hint providers on what functionality they should include in the next hospital app.

Salesforce Health Cloud and its approach to patient acquisition

With the increased attention towards healthcare CRM systems, we are here to review their efficiency in terms of patient acquisition. This time, we focus on Salesforce Health Cloud and detect all its capabilities in attracting new patients to a healthcare organization.

One less problem: Overview of problem-solving nursing apps

From the pool of all apps available for nursing practitioners, we picked up a batch of those that solve particular problems in clinical workflows: scheduling, care plan creating, medication identification and more.

HIPAA compliance testing for hospital mobile apps

We look into peculiarities of HIPAA compliance testing for medical apps and uncover tricky challenges you may come across.

HIPAA compliance testing for web applications

Adopted in 1996, HIPAA protects personal health information (PHI) in health facilities. Any healthcare software product entering the U.S. market must comply with it. So how can software testing assure that a healthcare application complies with HIPAA? To find out the answer, let’s consider HIPAA compliance testing of a hospital web application.

Healthcare IT investments: How much hospitals spent on technology in the first half of 2017

We investigate healthcare IT investments in the first half of 2017 to find what are the areas in most demand and which technologies grab the attention of clinical decision makers.

Top 3 general mHealth apps to keep heart failure patients away from ERs

Continuing the topic of mobile-driven readmission prevention in patients with heart failure, we shift towards general mHealth apps with reach functionality and high potential.

Top 4 heart failure apps to reduce readmissions and power self-management

Providers can reduce the number of readmissions in patients with heart failure with the help of mobile applications. We review the top of the batch.

New CMS rule promises to promote and incentivize telehealth further

CMS helps healthcare to evolve, but sometimes this evolution is unbearably slow. However, the new telehealth-focused rule can boost up mHealth and we are eager to see what will come next.