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IIoT and RFID for effective asset management

We shed light on IoT-enabled asset tracking solutions, explore the technologies behind them, look at the benefits, and examine the limitations that may hinder the adoption of asset tracking systems.

How IIoT transforms condition monitoring

We dwell on the approach and the applications of IoT-based condition monitoring solutions, as well as explore the benefits of an IoT-driven approach.

IoT-driven inventory management: insights for the manufacturers

We present a well-rounded overview of IoT-based inventory management solutions, dwelling on the approach, technologies, benefits and limitations – supported by an industry example.

A comprehensive guide to IoT-based predictive maintenance

We explore the essence of IoT-based predictive maintenance solutions, present a predictive maintenance architecture concept and analyze predictive maintenance applications in various industries.

How to monitor machine utilization across distributed factories with IIoT

An IIoT-based approach to machine utilization monitoring: the essence, the benefits, the integration challenge.

Evolutionary approach to an IoT architecture for smart, connected products

Effective IoT development begins with a reliable IoT architecture that helps make smart, connected products important business-boosting components and can be modified as the business grows and corporate IT and IoT strategies enter new maturity levels.

Cassandra vs. HBase: twins or just strangers with similar looks?

Similar at first glance, Cassandra and HBase actually are quite different in terms of architecture, performance and data models. What are these differences and how do they influence the tasks that HBase and Cassandra perform? It’s all here.

4 milestones of successful Hadoop implementation

ScienceSoft knows how to implement Hadoop smoothly and shares some practical tips to guide you through this process. Our consultants highlighted important milestones that are also biggest challenges on your way to success.

QA process maturity: Models and capabilities

QA process maturity helps minimize project issues. But how to set it up? We discuss the basic maturity models and offer some ideas for making a good choice.

Alternative approaches to implementing your data lake

ScienceSoft answers burning questions about big data lake design and implementation. We look at different approaches to its architecture and contemplate if there exists a preferred technology among the available stack.