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Selling Food Online - What You Must Know to Succeed

We have summarized and organized specific features of selling food online. Armed with this knowledge, retailers can start a food ecommerce business circumventing possible downsides and making the most of upsides.

How to boost conversion rate in a Magento ecommerce store

Learn to improve the conversion rate of your Magento ecommerce store using these actionable tips. Grow your store and streamline the selling process.

Is Magento A/B testing a panacea for better conversions?

Magento A/B testing is a simple and effective way to achieve high conversion rates. Doesn’t it sound too perfect? Then, let’s evaluate both advantages and possible inconveniences of this technique.

4 powerful changes to boost your ecommerce conversion

If your ecommerce conversions are below average, consider implementing the following four changes to make sure your business is equipped to make more sales.

We’ll be back – how to survive Magento maintenance mode with minimum losses for businesses

Combining technical and business aspects in our article, we not only teach merchants how to enable and disable Magento 2 maintenance mode, but also explain how they can improve customer experience during maintenance.

4 reasons why mobile users keep away from your online store

There are a lot of factors that you should consider when creating a website. But as far as people nowadays are always on the go and their mobile devices are their go-to option to access the Internet, having your mobile experience optimized can turn tables and create conversions.

9 ecommerce trends to watch for in 2018

Keep up with the latest movements in the ever-changing ecommerce scenario. These ecommerce trends will be inescapable in the year 2018. Here’s a useful guide to navigate your way through them and decide which ones you want to implement in your business.

7 ways to recapture customers who have abandoned their shopping cart

We explain various ways to reduce the number of customers leaving their online shopping carts. The points made throughout are valuable suggestions to any business looking to improve their sales.

Micro-influencer marketing for ecommerce - macro benefits and hidden pitfalls

Our overview of micro-influencer marketing explains why ecommerce companies embrace this emerging trend and what pitfalls they can encounter.

The real power of Magento-CRM integration

A Magento web store is a goldmine of valuable customer information. Learn how to use Magento-CRM integration to make the most of it.