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Hacked Magento: Symptoms, Action, and Prevention

We list the symptoms of a hacked Magento along with corresponding attack types as well as describe the steps for addressing security issues and uncovering vulnerabilities early on.

Magento Customization: 3 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Solution

If you want to improve your Magento experience, Magento customization is a way to go. We list the benefits you get after you customize the web store’s theme and extensions or upgrade it to a PWA.

Custom Ecommerce Website: Step Up Your Business with New Sales Opportunities

See how a custom ecommerce website with voice recognition, visual search and augmented reality features can help your customers and why this solution steps up your business.

The Top Payment Frauds in Ecommerce and How to Outsmart Scammers

Fraudulent payment card activity extends beyond an illegal use of stolen cards. Here are the most frequent ecommerce scams and protective measures for merchants to be on guard.

Ecommerce Optimization: Ideas that Boost Conversion

All retailers fight for high conversions, don't they? The team of ecommerce practitioners helps with to-the-point tips.

How to Make Ecommerce Solution Implementation a Success

A well-thought-out ecommerce solution brings great business benefits. In our article, we unravel what the benefits are and how to achieve them.

Types of Ecommerce: General Overview, Examples and Success Tips

There are several ways to look at types of ecommerce. We choose to classify ecommerce business by participants, goods and business models.

Director’s Guide to Effective Ecommerce Testing

Comprehensive and timely ecommerce testing can mitigate a number of risks associated with the quality of an ecommerce solution. The article tells how an ecommerce director can keep the planning and execution stages of ecommerce testing under review.

Selling Food Online - What You Must Know to Succeed

We have summarized and organized specific features of selling food online. Armed with this knowledge, retailers can start a food ecommerce business circumventing possible downsides and making the most of upsides.

How to boost conversion rate in a Magento ecommerce store

Learn to improve the conversion rate of your Magento ecommerce store using these actionable tips. Grow your store and streamline the selling process.