Salesforce Lightning Benefits To Level Up Your Business

Salesforce Consultant, ScienceSoft

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Our Lightning Experience to Salesforce Classic comparison proves that the new Salesforce UI, despite its minor limitations, has a wider and more convenient feature set. In this article, ScienceSoft, a Salesforce consulting partner and Salesforce support service provider, outlines how these features help Salesforce users drive business.

  1. Increased productivity for sales teams

Lightning UI allows each team member to arrange and customize their homepage in the way they find convenient and get prompt access to the most required records (problematic opportunities, assigned and overdue tasks, and so on).

With the Path component, sales reps can be guided through the entire sales process. Path prompts the actions to take at each stage when working with a lead.

Another feature to boost sales teams’ productivity is the Activity timeline. With this feature, sales reps can keep track of what has been planned and accomplished for a specific lead, opportunity or account, and sales managers can better supervise the work of their subordinates.

  1. Improved analytics and forecasting

In comparison to Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience has improved integration with Einstein AI. Lightning users can get access to such Einstein AI features as Einstein forecasting and Einstein opportunity insights. With all that, Lightning Experience users can better qualify leads, understand leads’ behavior and outline the best next steps in nurturing them, anticipate demand on goods and services, and more.

The Einstein Account Insights feature helps businesses build expanded customer profiles and use them for providing personalized experience. It greatly contributes to customer loyalty and contributes to getting a higher revenue.

As for displaying the analyzed data, Lightning provides improved visual reporting. It helps save time on building and reading reports and contributes to the higher quality of reporting.

  1. Enhanced information security

Locker Service enhances cybersecurity by isolating the Lightning components that belong to different namespaces (a group of related components) from interacting with each other. This way, the chances of malicious input are minimized. Apart from that, Locker uses the CSP (Content Security Policy) to prevent cross-site scripting in web pages and avoid clickjacking and other code injection attacks.

  1. Higher flexibility to react to new business needs

In Lightning, improved drag-and-drop functionality helps reduce development life cycles for custom features and applications. As a result, Salesforce users promptly get newly required features and apps.

How about Salesforce Lightning limitations?

Sales teams may prefer to keep to Classic in spite of the Lightning benefits because not all Classic features are available in Lightning. However, updates and enhances it three times a year. And with more features available, Lightning Experience opens more opportunities to drive business.

How to get the most of your Classic to Lightning migration?

The above overview of the Lightning benefits is by no means exhaustive. To get a more comprehensive picture of what the new Salesforce UI has to offer to your business, turn to our Salesforce consultants.

Do you need to get an expert opinion on your Salesforce solution? Our consultants will analyze your current Salesforce capabilities and offer an optimal solution to meet your business needs.