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Advertising Campaign Application Testing

Advertising Campaign Application Testing

Media, Marketing & Advertisement


The Customer is a leading provider of integrated marketing solutions and marketing ROI solutions in The Netherlands. The Customer is active in several industries, including media, marketing, human resource management and logistics. Its client base consists of multi-national corporations and governments and covers over 60 international markets.


The Customer has their own unique expert system for the PC, a web app used by advertisers and advertising agencies. The purpose of the expert system is to decide what media to use in an advertising campaign. Using this system, media team can easily and efficiently experiment with multiple channel scenarios to find the optimal communication channel for the brand. The system was being released for multiple clients worldwide with specific features for each client. As the number of clients increased the Customer chose ScienceSoft for testing services that can be applied to the whole system, be easy to maintain and flexible enough to fit existing or further projects.


ScienceSoft team decided to use the smoke test automation that covers all the variety of supported environments. Smoke tests were designed in the way to verify vital system components and commonly used user scenarios.

ScienceSoft created a data-driven automation framework using TestComplete Common libraries, testing WPF applications and ODT plug in. The applied page related model allowed to ease the modeling of data and avoid creation of a large set of classes.

As far as tested versions of the system had different object trees, there was a need of modifying them in TestComplete. This task was successfully completed by ScienceSoft.

Moreover, ScienceSoft improved run reports in xtml and created a set of screenshots that allowed the Customer to evaluate the system.


By introducing test automation on the project, ScienceSoft team significantly increased the speed and accuracy of the testing processes minimizing human interaction. Smoke testing covered the major functions of the system and save human time on builds acceptance.

The tests running after each build allowed to improve builds stability and consistency of the system. The Customer found automation testing approach easy to maintain and flexible enough to fit all existing and further requirements.

For the time being the Customer continues working with ScienceSoft on other projects.

Technologies and Tools

TestComplete, Testing WPF applications, ODT plugin, Common libraries

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