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Alex Ramasheuski

I manage enterprise app development focusing on reducing tech complexity and establishing a predictable delivery pipeline, fostering tech excellence and collaboration in our team.
Head of Enterprise Application Development,

Alex has been in enterprise application development for 17 years. In 2006, he joined ScienceSoft as a mobile developer. Over the years, Alex has gone through the roles of a back-end developer, Scrum Master, team lead, software architect, project manager, and delivery manager. Alex contributed to numerous enterprise software projects at ScienceSoft. He led the development of railway incident management software and web and mobile trade marketing apps for an FMCG company with 82K employees.

In 2021, following the success of his projects, Alex was promoted to the Head of Enterprise Application Development. With his infectious enthusiasm and vitality, Alex improves our delivery processes, drives the adoption of the ‘you build it, you run it’ culture, and nurtures a team of proactive, collaborative enterprise software developers. Alex actively contributes to improving ScienceSoft’s quality management system and the predictability of our software development projects’ results. He also pays special attention to fostering the industry knowledge of his team and organizes specialized training to keep them up to date with industry-specific trends, challenges, and needs.

In addition, Alex’s responsibilities include RFP processing and project estimation, control over large-scale and strategically important projects, structuring communication with our customers, and safeguarding their interests.

It is important to do everything possible (and a bit of the impossible) to deliver software that is loved by both end users and businesses.

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