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Automated Visual Inspection Software

Automated visual inspection - ScienceSoft

Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) is a form of quality control, which involves the analysis of products in the production line with computer vision.

Since 2013, ScienceSoft develops AVI software to help companies improve defect detection rates and reduce production costs.

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Does your production line need AVI?

Interested in AVI for the Production Line?

ScienceSoft provides a detailed consultation to reveal whether AVI software will help you save time and minimize the efforts required for the inspection process.

Why is AVI Better than Manual Inspection?

Machine vision has a number of advantages in comparison with human vision:

  • Higher optical resolution.
  • Measures absolute dimensions and intensity values.
  • Wider “visible” spectrum.
  • Very fast and precise calculations.
  • Higher processing speed.
  • “Absolute” memory.

Machine vision capabilities

Besides that, the automated visual inspection systems have several pros that are intrinsic to the entire machine kind:

  • Unbiased.
  • Persistent.
  • Work without fatigue.
  • Follow instructions unquestionably.
  • Can operate in risky and dangerous conditions.

AVI Software Use Cases

Quality Control

Ensuring high production quality by reducing both false positive and false negative test results.

Production Line Automation

Minimizing efforts required for defects detection through the automation of monotonous visual inspection, grading and sorting tasks.

Why Choose ScienceSoft as Your AVI Partner

  • Experience in data science and AI since 1989.
  • 700+ highly skilled employees on board.
  • Established Lean, Agile, and DevOps processes.

AVI Software We Build

AVI system structure

  • Equipment for image acquisition (lighting or a radiant; a digital camera, photometer, colorimeter, etc.), software running (a processor) and data output (monitor, printer, etc.).
  • Supplementary equipment (e.g., for grading and sorting).
  • Software that processes digital images and produces a valuable output.

explore the processing chain of the AVI system

ScienceSoft creates AVI software that analyzes images captured by a digital camera, starting with preprocessing and up to the final decision step.

How AVI works


AVI software functions

  • Displaying inspection results.
  • Automatic discarding of defective items.
  • Marking items for further human inspection.
  • Sorting and grading objects according to predetermined parameters (shape, size, color, etc.).

Image analysis capabilities of AVI software

Automated visual inspection software developed by ScienceSoft can detect and classify:

  • Surface defects: scratches, stains, nodules, etc.
  • Positioning and orientation: correctness of assembly components’ orientation.
  • Dimensions, shapes and angles.
  • Completeness: components on a printed circuit board, barcodes on a parcel, a filling level of a bottle.
  • Texture.
  • Color and reflectivity.
  • Presence of foreign objects.

Plan Out Your AVI Budget

ScienceSoft provides a high-level free estimate to help you determine your AVI project budget and manage your resources efficiently.

Our Hallmark AVI Projects

Technologies We Apply

AVI Challenges ScienceSoft Solves

Object variability

For complex objects, significant variations exist in the appearance of both normal and defective items.

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The solution:

The decision-making part of the AVI system is based on machine learning methods. In order to learn how to distinguish between normal and defective objects, it needs a large dataset of possible variations in their appearance. Having enough data to train the machine learning algorithm, we can ensure its ability to make accurate decisions.


Very small and non-distinctive details

Recognizing features and objects may be difficult if they have a very small size (such as PCA components) or melt into the background (a gray caption on a gray background).

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The solution:

Depending on the task, our specialists will implement advanced image preprocessing, segmentation and feature extraction techniques to machine vision software to enhance the image and extract valuable information.


Illumination variability

Changes in the illumination affect the resulting images creating new lines and disguising existing ones.

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The solution:

  1. Ensuring uniform lighting conditions
  2. Implementing advanced machine learning algorithms.

If uniform illumination is not available, it is possible to mitigate the effects of bad illumination using more sophisticated preprocessing and edge detection algorithms.


Build AVI Solutions with ScienceSoft

AVI consulting services

  • AVI solution design.
  • Business case creation.
  • AVI software architecture (re)design.
  • Outline of optimal implementation options.
  • AVI software features roadmapping.
  • Project planning.
  • PoC and prototyping (if required).
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Full-cycle AVI software development

  • Business analysis.
  • AVI software development and integration with hardware and third-party apps, IoT (sensors, cameras, controllers, etc.).
  • Quality Assurance (manual and automated testing).
  • Software maintenance and support.
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