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Java microservices architecture by example: When a monolith doesn’t work

Let’s use a real-life Java-based example to explore how microservices are built, what sets them apart from a monolithic architecture, how their independent modules communicate with each other and what benefits a microservices architecture brings to the application.

How to assemble a good web development team

We list the members of a web app development team, talk about their responsibilities and skills, and give you tips on what to expect or not to expect from each of them.

Akka microservices: Valid reasons you may love them

Let’s explore how the combination of ‘reactivity’ and Akka actors works for microservices architecture in Java application development.

The essence of reactive programming in Java

Check our quick overview of reactive programming to tackle common misconceptions, understand how it works in Java application development and what benefits it brings in real life.

Functional types of web applications: What does your business need?

Learn more about the types of web applications to understand what kind of web technology can be useful for your business.

B2B customer portal: competitiveness through customer experience

СX is more and more often called the most significant aspect of any business. We discover the key features of B2B customer portals that can greatly contribute to CX improvement.

How to get the most of your B2B Vendor portal

We find out how to make a B2B Vendor portal really streamline the business processes for the buyer and contribute to the supplier’s trust and loyalty.

A starter guide to developing a successful B2B trade portal

We’re discovering three important dos and three absolute don’ts about developing a successful B2B trade portal.

Progressive web app examples: from blogging platforms to company home pages

Listing noteworthy progressive web app examples, we analyze their PWA score, user interface, as well as loading speed and overall performance.

Progressive web apps: What’s their offer and should you accept it?

If you don’t know what progressive web apps are and why everyone is talking about them, read on to get the clearest explanation.