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What is Agile software development from customer’s perspective?

What is Agile software development? How useful is it for you as a customer? Let’s find out.

Web application vs. website: finally answered

Web application vs. website: is there a difference and which option to choose? Let’s find out.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Secure Software Development

Custom software development incorporates security aspect into every stage. See a ready-to-go guide to secure software development by ScienceSoft.

On the verge of AI software development: 6 things to consider

AI software development has gone beyond algorithms. Machine learning model training, integrating into daily workflow and monitoring should step forward.

The Automation Age, and how businesses can prepare for it

McKinsey Global Institute studied impact of adopting automation technologies on jobs and employment. What are its benefits and challenges for businesses?

How to make sure you will get the software you need

A short guide for customers to prevent some painful challenges related to requirements in custom software development projects.

Welcome to the board, or The customer's role in software development projects

Recommendations on customers’ involvement in custom software implementation projects.

How to manage competency assessment with technology

Learn about 4 challenges of competency assessment and advantages of automating this process with HRM software.

How Facebook challenges LinkedIn and what it means for proactive recruiting

Discover the pros and cons of Facebook’s Jobs tab for reaching candidates and how the feature launch is likely to change proactive recruiting.

3 ways how HR technology will redefine employee experience in 2017

We pick takeaways from the HR Technology Disruptions report by Deloitte and suggest where to start improving employee experience with technology.