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Tatyana Sidorova

I set up and manage QA and testing processes for ScienceSoft’s customers.
Lead Test Engineer and QA Consultant,

Tatyana has joined ScienceSoft as Junior Test Engineer in 2010, and over the course of 9 years made it to Lead Test Engineer.

As Lead Test Engineer, Tatyana establishes, evolves, and oversees quality assurance and testing processes, coordinates QA resources, and handles other quality-related aspects for ScienceSoft’s customers.

Tatyana has successfully guided ScienceSoft’s test teams through the number of complex and long-lasting managed testing projects. A recent project Tatyana has headed is testing an application for marketing campaign and product distribution management for one of the largest global advertising agencies.

Along with being involved in the company’s projects as a test lead, Tatyana helps organize QA meetups and shares there the expertise accumulated in ScienceSoft’s QA department.

Tatyana believes that the key to the managed testing project success is setting up a structured testing process and establishing result-oriented communication between the customer’s and the vendor’s teams.

My recipe for a managed testing project success is professionalism, trust, and friendly collaboration.

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