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Highly Available Microservices-Based SaaS for vCIO Service Management

ScienceSoft automated testing of a SaaS vCIO software for a US leading MSP coaching company. Despite the tight time frames, ScienceSoft helped the Customer ensure superior and consistent user experience while working with their SaaS software.


Code Refactoring and AWS Migration to Boost Callbot SaaS Scalability

ScienceSoft helped a European callbot SaaS provider refactor its web app’s code, fix software defects, and migrate it to the AWS cloud. The result was a highly scalable and cost-effective solution providing a seamless UX even under high loads.


UX/UI Audit and Code Review of an Android App for Delivery Service Drivers

ScienceSoft’s experts revealed 19 usability and 31 code issues during UX/UI audit and code review of an Android app. The team provided detailed guidance on how to fix them and enhance the app’s usability and maintainability.