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Development of a Web Application for Car Insurance Claim Estimation

Our web app development and 3D modeling skills manifested in a car insurance claim app that offers its users to mark the damage right on a 3D car model.


Development of an AR App’s Proof of Concept for a Global Neurobiology R&D Company

ScienceSoft delivered an AR app PoC for a global healthcare company that focuses on neurobiology R&D. The PoC demonstrates how the Customer’s drug cures the disease-affected brain cells.


Development of Mental Disorder Treatment Software

ScienceSoft created an application to treat patients with mental disorders by transforming a therapist’s voice and creating a 3D-modelled image with lip sync function to simulate a patient’s communication with their inner voices and personalities.


Web App Development for Car Insurance Claim Estimation with the Use of 3D Models

ScienceSoft implemented a car insurance claim estimation system integrating several web apps, which facilitated the processes of settling car-accident-related issues.


Development of 3D Models for an Interior Design AR App

ScienceSoft created over 1,000 detailed and realistic 3D models for AR interior design software of a large European furniture chain, and went on to provide continuous content updates.


Implementation of 3D Modelling for a Luxury Real Estate Company

ScienceSoft’s team of 3D designers and animators created 4 highly realistic 3D videos for a luxury real estate company to help visualize their smart home system design.