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Key banking CRM features to become customer-centric and create a single customer view

Banking CRM is the cornerstone of creating the ideal customer profile.

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CRM for community banks: An absolute must-have or a waste of money?

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How Oracle Banking Payments solution stimulates banks to use APIs

Oracle releases its new API-based Banking Payments solution, anticipating a bright future for Open Banking.

Trend watch: Exploring the potential of chatbot banking

Chatbots have become a new trend in banking software development, drawing close attention from the leading banks.

How to create a single view of the customer with banking software

Banking software solutions for gathering customer data can help to build a customer-centric model across the organization.

Banks need emotion recognition software to increase customer loyalty

Banking software consultants advice using text, voice and image analysis software to interpret customers’ emotions and boost customer loyalty.

2017 banking app satisfaction study: Juggling convenience and security

Apart from considering challenges in mobile banking development, banks should analyze how to increase banking app satisfaction.