Demand Forecasting Using Traditional and Contemporary Data Science

Dissatisfied with your demand forecasts? Instead of giving up on them completely, try reconsidering the methods you use. Here, we describe the approaches that will definitely work: traditional and contemporary data science.

The Basics of Software Product Development

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Ecommerce Director’s Guide: Monitoring Testing of an Ecommerce Solution

Comprehensive and timely ecommerce testing can mitigate a number of risks associated with the quality of an ecommerce solution. The article tells how an ecommerce director can keep the planning and execution stages of ecommerce testing under review.

3 Levels of Corporate Network Security

Get deep and detailed information on which cybersecurity measures to include into the corporate network protection plan depending on a company’s size, budget and domain.

Selling Food Online - What You Must Know to Succeed

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Ready or not, tech-driven healthcare is here

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How to use SharePoint to organize enterprise collaboration

We describe our vision of enterprise collaboration: it’s about a company’s culture in the first place and then about technology. Also, we will show if SharePoint can be helpful in solving collaboration-related challenges and mention other popular collaboration platforms.

Cancer and AI-based image analysis: A revolutionary way to detect, predict, and treat DNA mutations

Cancer diagnosis and detection have long been hot button issues, but with the advent of Artificial Intelligence and big data organization, a solution may finally be at hand.

Automating the sales process: An approach that works

We show how to make the sales process consistent and convenient for both sales managers and reps, applying a comprehensive approach to its automation.

Organize CRM testing without getting into technics

CRM testing can help you make your CRM popular with employees, handily manage prospects and customers, get accurate CRM analytics, and rule out data loss. Here’re the guidelines for organizing easy CRM testing.