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How To Stay HIPAA Compliant When Using SharePoint?

The article gives an overview of HIPAA safeguards and shows what SharePoint has to offer to ensure security of healthcare information and help healthcare providers to stay HIPAA compliant.

Salesforce Implementation: from Planning to User Adoption

Find out how to make your Salesforce implementation successful and avoid typical implementation risks.

ServiceNow Ticketing – Superfluous or Essential?

If you’re unsure whether ServiceNow should be your ticketing system, see what benefits it can bring and find out whether it can be something your company will really enjoy.

Software Quality Management: What, Where, and How?

Let’s clear out what activities are within software quality management, what is your actual QM maturity level, and how you can level it up most efficiently.

The Strategy of Successful SharePoint Implementation

The success of SharePoint implementation depends on many factors. This guide describes how to implement SharePoint in the right way.

Magento Pricing: How Much is Your Magento Website Going to Cost You?

We dot the I’s in such a sensitive aspect of Magento development as pricing: what aspects to factor in when starting a Magento project and what average cost to expect.

Top 8 Emerging Software Testing Trends to Watch in 2019

The software development industry undergoes major changes resulting in the rise of new software testing practices. If you are a QA professional, you’ll benefit from learning and adapting to these new software testing trends.

An Action Plan for Speeding Up Magento 2 – Culprits and Solutions Explained

Not a set of separate Magento optimization techniques but a guide for ecommerce companies to detect a speed problem timely, figure out its reason and know how to fix it.

ServiceNow Asset Management: What on Earth Is It and Why Ever Use It?

People often see ServiceNow Asset Management only as a supporting process that doesn’t make much sense on its own. Let’s see why that’s not entirely true.

How Salesforce Workflow Automation May Save 1 Hour a Day

We consider workflow automation in Salesforce as a way to enforce business rules and show how it can facilitate daily routine and save sales and service staff’s time.