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Don’t let these Magento issues undermine your online business

There are critical Magento 2 issues that can cost you a fortune if not addressed in time. This article is going to forewarn and forearm you against them.

5 Salesforce problems you should know before making a purchase

Any company that considers Salesforce the best CRM solution should be aware of Salesforce problems and drawbacks.

Android app testing specifics

Android app testing requires a specific approach. We describe it in our article.

Pros and cons of using Files Connect for Salesforce integration with SharePoint

Find out whether Salesforce Files Connect is enough for your SharePoint integration project.

Office 365 security in questions and answers

In this article, we focus on different security aspects of Office 365 and Microsoft 365. We answer the most frequent questions on Office 365 security to help you decide whether you can trust the Microsoft cloud or you’d rather stay with your on-premises deployment.

Red team penetration testing to level up corporate security

ScienceSoft presents an expert opinion on the value of red team penetration testing

Salesforce Price Books: tips and useful approaches for effective sales

To make the most of Salesforce Price Books, companies should know various tips for effective Price Book management and apply them in practice.

Regression testing example

Quality regression testing examples are hard to find. We share a success story from our testing practice.

Magento shopping cart – optimization tips for better conversion

Underestimating the importance of a Magento shopping cart, one risks losing potential customers at the checkout.

iOS app development cost: How to gain control of your project’s price

To unscramble iOS app development cost, we weigh up various factors, including development type, complexity and in/off-shore cooperation.