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Software Business Models: What Works for Your Product?

We help you build a successful software business model as we share useful tips to follow while choosing a product distribution strategy, pinpointing your target audience, and deciding on the sources of revenue.

Software Product Development Life Cycle: How to Choose a Model for Your Project

We lay out all the necessary facts about the software product development life cycle and guide you through the SDLC model choice.

Is Big Data Any Good for Manufacturing? Drumroll, Please

As a manufacturer, you’re interested to see what big data can do for you? Then check out these 12 real-life use cases for big data in manufacturing and see a nice and easy guide on how to start your big data action.

What’s the Cost of Salesforce Products and Implementation Services? We Know the Answer

If you’re thinking about Salesforce implementation and need to know what Salesforce products and implementation services may cost you, our guide is here to help.

How Modern Tools for Vendor Management Can Supercharge Your Business

Explore how digital tools can help to transform the vendor management process at each stage of cooperation - from search and initial assessment to daily operations and future cooperation planning.

How Can a System Administrator Turn Into a DevOps Engineer

DevOps is one of the most advanced approaches to software development and operations. The number of companies implementing DevOps and hiring DevOps engineers is continuously growing. This article will show you how system administrators can make their way to become DevOps engineers.

Deep Thickets of ServiceNow Implementation – Tamed

ScienceSoft designed a 4-level ServiceNow implementation model to help you harness the richness of ServiceNow’s offering and set your eyes on the functionality you need.

Is Salesforce Your Best Fit? Consider Its Pros and Cons to Decide

If you’re thinking about CRM implementation, you’re possibly considering Salesforce as one of the options to get your business needs addressed. We describe the main functional specifics of Salesforce and provide you with an objective view, helping to decide whether Salesforce fits your business best.

Let’s Get SaaS Testing Started: Specifics, Scope, and Success Factors

Let’s consider major SaaS specifics, testing types they require, and options to facilitate testing of your SaaS solution.

How to Use SharePoint for Enterprise Document Management

We show how SharePoint DMS can address the peculiarities of enterprise document management and explain how to use SharePoint to organize efficient document management at the enterprise level.