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Customer Churn Analysis for Revenue Increase

Explore the valuable benefits of customer churn analysis and study how to calculate customer attrition.

New SharePoint Features Supporting Compliance

Learn about new compliance capabilities of SharePoint effective since the end of 2019.

Simple Ways to Create the Perfect Magento 2 Homepage

Changing your homepage helps Magento 2 stores engage with more customers. The article shows simple ways to perfect your desired homepage.

Hiring Data Scientists: What and Where to Look For and How to Assess

We answer 3 burning questions about hiring data scientists. Give a minute to each and become a pro in hunting for data science talent.

What is Salesforce? Features, Benefits and Pricing Uncovered

What is Salesforce? What does it do? Why is Salesforce considered #1 CRM? Find out in our article!

Salesforce Lightning Benefits To Level Up Your Business

Learn how new features available in Salesforce Lightning help improve sales teams’ productivity, drive analytics and forecasting, enhance security, and more.

Software Development Metrics Part 1: Software Quality KPIs

In software development projects, key performance indicators measure the quality of software over time. Discover which metrics matter the most, and how you can build a comprehensive set of software KPIs.

Salesforce Classic vs Lightning: Driving Business Value at Lightning UI Speed

Salesforce Classic vs Lightning is the choice many companies face. We outline why Lightning is a better UI, dwell on its limitations and give practical tips for effective migration.

Your Complete Guide to a Cloud Data Warehouse

Learn what a cloud data warehouse is and what distinguishes it from traditional DWHs. Explore what market leaders offer and check how-to-mitigate-the-risk recommendations.

Metrics in Software Development: How To Implement the Practice and Have Efforts Justified

We explore the framework of gathering metrics in the course of a software development project and hint on how to implement the practice as easily and effectively as possible.