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Software Development Outsourcing: Don’t Let its Pros Become Cons

Pursued benefits of software development outsourcing can surprisingly become disadvantages. Explore why it happens and how to prevent it in your outsourced projects.

5 Reasons Why MVP Development is Important

We present 5 reasons why the development of a minimum viable product (MVP) is important for your business.

Is Your Magento Solution Optimal for Your Business?

We give a concise summary of 3 Magento solutions – Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud – and explain what their target markets are.

The Top Payment Frauds in Ecommerce and How to Outsmart Scammers

Fraudulent payment card activity extends beyond an illegal use of stolen cards. Here are the most frequent ecommerce scams and protective measures for merchants to be on guard.

Ecommerce Optimization: Ideas that Boost Conversion

All retailers fight for high conversions, don't they? The team of ecommerce practitioners helps with to-the-point tips.

4 Effective Practices for Time to Market Reduction

We offer 4 pertinent tips for reducing time to market in software product development.

5 Key Trends of SharePoint as a Service in 2019

Learn about key trends for SharePoint as a service in 2019 that will give you hints about must-have features for a modern SharePoint solution.

Medical Device Software Development: How to Stay in Control

We point out key requirements to a medical device software development vendor, tell you about the use of Waterfall and Agile methodologies in healthcare software implementation, as well as give hints on controlling the quality of architecture, code, and QA/QA activities.

7 Common Triggers of Feature Creep and How to Resist Them

To help you avoid feature creep, we take a closer look at 7 most common and dangerous reasons for adding yet another feature to your software product.

Does Your Business Need Data Analytics Outsourcing?

We explore data analytics outsourcing – outline the service, look at the advantages that it can bring to businesses, as well as explore the aspects that usually raise concerns.