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How to win more deals in complex sales with Salesforce

We come up with the key distinctive features of complex sales that can be frustrating for sales teams if neglected and bring Salesforce into action to see if it can be effective there.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM for Outlook: limitations and solutions

We not only give an insight into the limitations of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM for Outlook but also provide a worthy alternative to it by looking into the features of a smart email tracker, EmailScoop.

Key banking CRM features to become customer-centric and create a single customer view

Banking CRM is the cornerstone of creating the ideal customer profile.

Salesforce document management: Top 10 questions answered

Need a Salesforce document management solution? To make a good start, take a look at our answers to top 10 questions: What, How, How much, and more.

Salesforce Health Cloud and its approach to patient acquisition

With the increased attention towards healthcare CRM systems, we are here to review their efficiency in terms of patient acquisition. This time, we focus on Salesforce Health Cloud and detect all its capabilities in attracting new patients to a healthcare organization.

How banks can boost cross-selling with predictive analytics

With banking analytics software, banks can predict customer behavior, anticipate future events, and gain new insights that improve cross-selling.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Salesforce – Which one is best for lead nurturing?

Check out a feature-by-feature comparison between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 in terms of automating lead nurturing processes.

CRM for community banks: An absolute must-have or a waste of money?

Building a customer-focused strategy with banking CRM software, community banks can become more competitive and retain their market share.

How to create a single view of the customer with banking software

Banking software solutions for gathering customer data can help to build a customer-centric model across the organization.

How to use gamification in banking to engage customers and employees

Gamification can become a valuable tool to engage customers and keep banking CRM up-to-date.