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A high-quality patient application offers a wide range of capabilities for patients to monitor and manage their treatment process. The demo below illustrates the app functionality for diabetic patients.

Monitoring Vitals

When connected to wearable biosensors, the patient app can monitor all the needed patient vitals, for example, body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood sugar, etc. The vitals info can also be added to the app manually. Using the vitals data, the patient app can detect abnormal vitals changes and notify a doctor about them.

Monitoring Diet and Physical Activity

With the patient care app, patients can monitor their weight, calories consumed, the total of carbohydrates they take, the amount of water they drink, etc. Also, they can schedule their meals or physical activity.

Tracking Sleep Indicators

The app can help patients track their sleep indicators, including bedtime, wake-up time, average sleep time and detailed sleep phases. The sleep indicators can be added automatically if the app is connected to a smartwatch.

Scheduling and Making Video Calls with Doctors

Patients can get medical care outside the clinic facilities using their smartphones or tablets. They can start two-way interaction with a doctor or a nurse after scheduling a visit right in the patient app or ask for immediate connection in case of an emergency.

Staying Tuned for Medical Updates

With the patient care mobile app, patients can create and join communities for users with the same health problems. Also, they can find educational information and the latest medical news in the dedicated blog section.

Interested in a Patient Care Mobile App?

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to develop a high-quality patient care app with a feasible feature set.