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Scalable and Secure Insurtech SaaS Product for Brush Claims

Scalable and Secure Insurtech SaaS Product for Brush Claims

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.NET, ASP.NET, Azure, React.js, PostgreSQL


ScienceSoft helped Brush Claims, an insurtech company providing innovative claim solutions, rebuild and upgrade its core claim processing product. Thanks to ScienceSoft's assistance, Brush Claims obtained a modern, high-performing solution quickly and at a lower cost.

About Brush Claims

Brush Claims, previously known as Brush Country Claims, has been in the insurance business since 1991, offering third-party P&C adjustment services for daily and catastrophic claims. Striving to deliver first-class experiences for its B2B customers and help carriers settle claims more efficiently, the company developed Hubvia, a proprietary suite of web-based tools enabling end-to-end claim processing automation.

Since 2017, when Hubvia was first introduced, Brush Claims has been continuously enhancing its software products to sustain in the transforming insurance market and address the carriers’ evolving needs. The company rebranded to an insurtech claims solution firm in 2022 to emphasize its commitment to innovative service models.

Brush Claims wanted to tap into the insurtech SaaS market with a multi-functional solution that would handle the increasingly complex claim settlement workflows and deliver convenient user experiences. Instead of developing an entirely new software product, the company decided to replace its legacy claim management system — a core web product in Hubvia’s suite — with a new, more scalable and resilient cloud-based tool.

Brush Claims relied on its in-house development team and involved an offshore IT vendor to carry out the project faster. However, the vendor failed to establish transparent communication and smooth transfer of knowledge on the developed solution components. Brush Claims decided to terminate the vendor contract and sought a reliable technology partner with a strong American culture to get a quality project delivered with minimal risks. ScienceSoft came across as a trustworthy insurance software development provider familiar with the American business culture and service quality expectations.

Fast and Cost-Effective Development of an Insurtech Product

ScienceSoft provided Brush Claims with a dedicated team of a senior React developer and two senior .NET developers experienced in claim automation. Our talents managed to quickly integrate into the Customer’s Scrum-Kanban development process and maintain the Customer’s preferred communication pace.

Brush Claims requested ScienceSoft to revamp its claim management web product to give it a flexible modular architecture and a modern technology stack. The available documentation on the legacy solution was scarce, so the team first audited the software to understand its capabilities, processing logic, technical debt, and architectural limitations. Following the audit, ScienceSoft documented the claim data flows and business logic and determined the key technical issues to solve with the new system. Following that, the team gathered Brush Claims’ requirements for the new solution, agreed on the task scope, and kicked off the development. During the subsequent seven months of cooperation, ScienceSoft was engaged in the following activities:

  • Cloud infrastructure setup. ScienceSoft’s .NET talents established a resilient Azure infrastructure for the new claim solution and deployed a secure cloud development environment, including DevOps automation tools for faster delivery.
  • Replacing the legacy monolith with a modern distributed architecture. Having initially expected to build flexible microservices, ScienceSoft’s experts ended up suggesting a distributed monolith architecture. This architectural approach would be way more affordable to implement (which was the Customer’s priority) but still ensure the solution’s easy maintainability and scalability to process the growing claim volumes.
  • Back-end development. ScienceSoft’s .NET developers built the claim management system’s back end according to the Customer’s requirements. Apart from coding, our experts also advised Brush Claims on a cost-effective design and optimal tech stack for all critical back-end components. In particular, they helped design and implement efficient background claim processing flows, a scalable claims database, and robust access control mechanisms. Our experts also picked and established secure Azure-based cloud storage for multi-format claim metadata.
  • Front-end development. Our React developer created a convenient UX and UI for the client-facing claim application. He implemented responsive design to provide smooth web and mobile experiences for Brush Claims’ business customers. The expert delivered clean and well-documented modular React code to streamline app evolution with new UX/UI components.brush claims insuretech saas product
  • Integration. ScienceSoft designed and built secure custom APIs to integrate the claim processing solution with Brush Claims’ other software products and third-party claim data sources (e.g., the insurance risk analytics platform by Verisk). To speed up API development, ScienceSoft rapidly upscaled the team with a senior .NET developer proficient in Azure Services, who focused solely on integration tasks.

As of February 2024, Brush Claims continues working with ScienceSoft’s team on the development of its innovative insurtech product.

Jen Dalton, Chief Information Security Officer at Brush Claims:

Finding an IT vendor that is an expert in cloud technology, knows the ins and outs of the insurance domain, and understands overarching business needs is no easy feat. Thankfully, we found that perfect match with ScienceSoft.

Brush Claims engaged ScienceSoft to develop a new claim software product, and from the outset, their team seamlessly integrated into our processes. They demonstrated a deep understanding of our requirements, and their developers needed minimal supervision, keeping us updated on progress and potential hurdles along the way. Their expertise in React and .NET proved invaluable as we swiftly transitioned from our legacy system to a more flexible, modern solution built on Azure.

What stood out was ScienceSoft's proactive suggestions for cost-saving architecture design and tech stack solutions. Their input ensured we stayed within budget without compromising on software quality.

The value we derived from partnering with ScienceSoft is definitely worth the investment. We would absolutely love to retain ScienceSoft as a long-term insurtech development partner.

Key Outcomes for Brush Claims

  • Prompt development of a new claim management product due to ScienceSoft’s extensive insurance IT expertise and established Agile practices.
  • Optimized development budget and lower software maintenance costs thanks to expert advice on the pragmatic system design and tech stack.
  • Smooth cooperation flow due to cultural sensitivity and a mature collaborative approach of ScienceSoft’s developers.
  • An opportunity to boost customer satisfaction and generate higher revenue due to the claim product’s improved capabilities.

Technologies and Tools

.NET 8, ASP.NET Core 8, React, PostgreSQL, Azure Functions, Azure Application Services, Azure Storage Account, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Grid, Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines.

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