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Stacy Dubovik

I research blockchain and fintech trends to shape ScienceSoft’s competitive offering.
Financial Technology and Blockchain Researcher,

Stacy joined ScienceSoft in 2020, bringing in her expertise in large-scale digital transformation projects and deep practical knowledge of the corporate finance and BFSI domains. Having graduated in International Business Administration, she dedicated the first three years of her career to an enterprise-wide innovation project where she worked as a stakeholder on a client’s side. After that, she worked in the management track of an investment company for over four years. Fascinated by the way distributed ledger technology revolutionizes business operations and the opportunities that digital disruption unlocks for the financial sector, Stacy decided to focus her research on the blockchain and fintech fields.

At ScienceSoft, Stacy works side by side with business analysts, software architects, and developers to help create innovative solutions that bring unique value to ScienceSoft’s customers. As a Financial Technology and Blockchain Researcher, she framed ScienceSoft’s service offerings in corporate finance, financial IT, insurance IT, DeFi, and blockchain. In addition, Stacy creates in-depth guides to help businesses clearly see the capabilities and limitations of the blockchain technology and make more informed decisions on its adoption. In some of her recent articles, she elaborates on how to architect smart contracts for insurance, how to perform blockchain-based asset tokenization, how to build a blockchain for cross-border payments, and how to tap into cryptocurrency ecommerce.

Stacy continuously monitors customer expectations and technology trends in the BFSI market and explores the newly-emerging blockchain and crypto products. Her meticulous research and a good grasp of fintech nuances contribute to ScienceSoft’s success in the financial management, PayTech, LendTech, InvestTech, InsurTech, and CryptoTech domains.

I believe that the true potential of fintech-driven disruption goes far beyond boosting business efficiency and improving customer experience for a particular company. Rather, it’s about building a more transparent and accessible global financial system that brings equally high benefits to all its participants.

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