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ServiceNow-based ITSM solutions adapted for your workflows

Automate service management, prevent service outages, and make IT services transparent.

ScienceSoft applies 8 years of the ITSM experience to provide consulting services and deliver ServiceNow-based ITSM solutions that bring visibility into your IT processes and infrastructure, allow timely reaction to incidents, problems and events, minimize negative impact of infrastructural changes, and help to optimize IT support costs.

Explore our ITSM experience with selected success stories:

  • ServiceNow customization for a multinational confectionery manufacturer with 50,000+ staff (Learn more)
  • ITSM integration solution for an IT company with $1+ billion turnover (Learn more)
  • Integration of ITSM systems and consulting for a multinational with 17,000+ staff (Learn more)

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The ITSM areas we cover

Service Operation

Incident Management

Incident Management

Experienced in implementing Incident Management for multinational companies with 10,000+ employees, our team starts out with a customer’s workflows to configure a ServiceNow Incident Management solution from an incident initiation and classification, through its assignment and escalation to resolution and reporting. During each implementation of a ServiceNow solution, we focus on:

  • Convenience of incident initiation for users (emails, phones, chats, or self-service portals)
  • Automatic ticket assignment based on rules for matching tickets and IT teams
  • Systematic approach to settling IT service issues through linking related incidents, problems and changes
  • Minimum efforts required for settling similar incidents due to a constant enrichment of the Knowledge Base upon closing every incident

Problem Management

Problem Management

To enable timely detection and elimination of the roots of incidents, we can help you tune a ServiceNow Problem Management application to seamlessly execute Problem Management workflows that are specific to your company. With our solutions, we aim at:

  • Quick problem resolution based on automatic task assignment, timely escalation, root-cause analysis, collaboration features, and more
  • Service consistency through associating multiple incidents with a problem, generating related changes, and automatic cascaded closing
  • Prevention of similar problems with a constant reinforcement of the Knowledge Base

Event Management

Event Management

Integrated with your monitoring tools, Event Management gives a comprehensive view of all the events within your organization. With this information at hand, the IT support team can take action even before users face a problem and create incidents. Your company will get a full picture of the affected Configuration Items (e.g. infrastructure elements and services) and associated incidents so as to accurately prioritize events. To reduce the time required for an event settlement, we’ll configure the ServiceNow system to automatically process events based on rules for aggregating related events into alerts with the following alerts acknowledgement.

Request Fulfillment

Request Fulfillment

ScienceSoft can assist your enterprise in defining Request Fulfillment workflows within the ServiceNow solution while keeping the process compliant with the company’s procedures. This will help to:

  • automate the processing of standard user requests for IT services (e.g. password resets)
  • enable an automatic journey of requests for Service Catalog items or services ordered within the ITSM system, from their assignment to Fulfillment Groups through request approval to item delivery

The ServiceNow ITSM solution can also be integrated with third-party systems of our customers’ vendors if involved in the items delivery.

Service Transition

Change Management

Change Management

Possible risks caused by changes in an IT environment can be minimized with the change planning and managing functionality. Our team offers ServiceNow-based Change Management solutions, supporting:

  • Visibility into the potential impact of changes on Configuration Items (CIs) with ability to expand tracked CI classes in accordance with your company’s requirements. For example, apart from business services, you may also need to track servers, applications, DB instances, etc.
  • Interconnections between changes and related incidents / problems for a deeper analysis of the change outcomes
  • Extended features for risk assessment and change approval that fit your company’s particular needs

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

To prevent similar IT issues, you can turn the information accumulated in the ServiceNow solution into valuable knowledge that is easily accessible to users across the organization with respect to their roles.

With a Knowledge Management application, you can let admins create, edit, review, and share knowledge articles upon closing incidents and problems to leverage the experience of settling IT service issues. In their turn, users can benefit from self-service while searching for helpful information in a dedicated part of the Knowledge Base before turning to the service desk.

ScienceSoft is ready to help you preserve and enhance your Knowledge Management processes with a ServiceNow ITSM solution.

Service Design

Service Level Management

Service Level Management

For companies relying on partnerships to sustain end customers’ high satisfaction, solutions for managing Service Level Agreements (SLA) can be a necessary part of operations. With them, companies can automatically track and analyze the quality of third-party services to prevent mishaps and inconsistencies in delivering service to end customers.


  • Implementation of ServiceNow-based ITSM systems from scratch in line with customers’ business processes
  • Expanding the functionality of existing ServiceNow-based ITSM systems (e.g. to cover more ITIL processes)
  • Maintenance of ServiceNow-based ITSM systems
  • ServiceNow-based custom application development focused on customers’ specific business needs (e.g. applications for integrations, user satisfaction surveys, data import for updating CMDB, Foundation Data, etc.)
  • Integration of ITSM solutions with other ITSM tools, Jira, CMS, ERP, email and web services, and more
  • Migration from a legacy ITSM system to the ServiceNow ITSM platform


Enhancing IT support across distributed business units

Enhancing IT support across distributed business units

An ITSM solution can make it easier to manage and coordinate efforts of remote IT support teams. By giving a single view on the IT processes and infrastructure across regional departments, an ITSM solution will speed up incident assignment, escalation and resolution, as well as request fulfillment across the distributed IT environment. Likewise, such a system will help to timely detect and mitigate the consequences of changes even if the affected Configuration Items are located in different countries.

Managing outsourced IT services

Vendor performance can be made visible over time with vendor scorecards and charts, which will help your company take more accurate statistics-based business decisions. ScienceSoft’s team can configure a vendor assessment functionality to make vendor evaluation and ranking easy, convenient and compliant with your company’s workflows. This way, you can benefit from a better monitoring, management and improvement of the level of vendors’ services and consequently ensure a high quality of the services you deliver to end customers.

Managing outsourced IT services

IT employee performance assessment

IT employee performance assessment

We can help you exploit the ITSM system information on IT employee performance by tuning the ServiceNow Performance Analytics functionality to measure KPIs for IT employees, assignment groups, and regional units. When calculated with respect to the priority and duration of resolved incidents, such indicators contribute to the transparency of an IT staff’s efforts and allow visualizing performance trends so that IT managers can promptly react to them.

IT Financial Management

With Financial Management functionality integrated into your ServiceNow ITSM solution, you can gain visibility into IT service costs structured by service types (e.g. hardware, labor, services, etc.) and IT service consumers, such as business units, departments and projects. Expenditure reports and visualized spending trends make the sources of IT costs evident, as well as reveal whether they stay within budget over time. ScienceSoft can help you implement your model of cost allocation within the ServiceNow system so as to automatically process data on IT costs imported from the corporate financial system, as well as to export it to the ERP if required.

IT Financial Management


While being open to ITSM challenges in various industries, ScienceSoft’s team is particularly experienced in the following domains:


Healthcare. With 11 years in healthcare IT solutions, we are ready to address industry-specific challenges and ensure prevention of service disruptions as they are both life-critical for patients and highly cost-consuming for caregivers.

Banking and Finance]\

Banking and financial services. For 11 years in this IT-driven industry, ScienceSoft acknowledges the need for maximum data security while implementing ITSM solutions for banks and financial institutions. We can help you ensure banking service availability by early detecting incidents and managing risks related to required changes in the IT infrastructure.


Retail. With the omni-channel, personalized approach to interactions with customers, retailers can benefit from ScienceSoft’s ServiceNow-based ITSM solutions by ensuring their IT infrastructure is set for 24/7 customer service and resists any breaches in seamless customer experience. Bringing in over 13 years in software development for retail, our team is ready to deliver solutions supporting your retail ecosystem.


Telecoms. ScienceSoft’s ITSM solutions can let telecoms enhance monitoring and management of their networks, as well as ensure stable operations and secure infrastructural changes dictated by the growing demand for the quality and variety of services.


ScienceSoft’s ITIL-certified team nurtures the following competencies to deliver efficient ServiceNow-based ITSM solutions, as well as to advise on how to tailor an ITSM system to your company’s needs:

Certificates and trainings

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

ServiceNow System Administration and Scripting, Symfoni

ITIL v3 Foundation training and certificates

BMC Remedy AR System Skilled Professional Certificate, BMC


ServiceNow development platform

ServiceNow integration interfaces

BMC Remedy AR System development platform


ServiceNow ITSM


BMC Remedy ITSM Suite (Service Desk and Asset Management)


To begin cooperation, just drop us a line and get consulted on how to address your IT service challenges with a ServiceNow ITSM solution. 

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