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Automate Your IT Operations with ServiceNow® ITOM Platform

ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management) - ScienceSoft

ServiceNow ITOM boosts IT operations with ongoing service health monitoring, prompt outage prevention, extensive failure impact analysis, and more. Since 2010, ScienceSoft provides ServiceNow ITOM implementation to help companies get cost-effective IT operations with vast automation capabilities.

No More Tedious Task Overload!

Ditch your repetitive error-prone tasks and enjoy the benefits of automated IT operations with ServiceNow ITOM!

ServiceNow ITOM Features

The features of ServiceNow ITOM are mostly aimed at automating time-consuming and monotonous tasks of your IT team, reducing IT costs and improving IT and business service availability.



To spare your IT service agents from manual data entry while populating the CMDB (Configuration Management Database), ServiceNow Discovery automatically scans your entire IT infrastructure, finds all devices and applications in it, records basic relationships among them and updates the CMDB with the discovered info. This gives IT service agents more time to maintain IT service provision and eliminates human error in CMDB data.

Service Mapping

Service Mapping

ServiceNow Service Mapping is an advanced form of Discovery that automatically builds complex maps of interdependent configuration items based on what business services they deliver. This eliminates the need for IT service agents to manually build such maps in ServiceNow, thus removing data errors and making failure impact analysis more accurate.

Event Management

Event Management

ServiceNow Event Management continuously monitors all activities within your IT infrastructure and warns the IT team of any identified failure so that they remove it before it seriously harms IT and business service delivery. Event Management also allows manually building configuration item (CI) dependency maps featuring the business services that CIs support to enable failure impact analysis and improve IT and business service availability.



To boost the productivity of your IT team, ServiceNow Orchestration allows building workflows to automate manual tasks across your IT infrastructure and beyond, including servers, printers, applications and even remote services. Your IT agents won’t have to spend any more time manually resetting passwords or distributing software usage rights – Orchestration will do all that. And to see how well it pays off, you can track the ROI of every workflow.

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence

Using machine learning capabilities, ServiceNow Operational Intelligence upgrades failure prevention. Analyzing service health data, Operational Intelligence recognizes anomalies in your IT infrastructure, prioritizes them and notifies the IT team if an anomaly needs to be promptly handled to prevent a failure. It boosts the IT team’s performance and makes interruptions to your IT and business services scarce.

Cloud Management

Cloud Management

If your in-house developers or outsourced partners consume cloud resources in their daily activities, you can implement ServiceNow Cloud Management to provision and manage these resources optimally. It will not only let your IT team conveniently fulfill cloud resource requests but also monitor resource consumption, optimize it and cut related costs.

Opportunities You Get with ServiceNow ITOM

Create visibility into your IT infrastructure

Monitor the health status of your IT infrastructure

Schedule discovery of IT resources

Streamline management of cloud resources


IT service availability improvement

IT service availability improvement (through ongoing service health monitoring and advanced failure impact analysis)

IT cost reduction

IT cost reduction (due to efficient cloud resource consumption and the optimal IT team’s effort distribution).

IT unit productivity increase

IT unit productivity increase (thanks to faster task execution and the minimization of error-prone manual activities).

Quick and secure deployment of new infrastructures

For IT companies: Quick and secure deployment of new customers’ infrastructures (through automated infrastructure scanning and CMDB population).

ServiceNow ITOM Packages and Pricing

All ServiceNow ITOM features are divided into three packages: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.




  • Discovery
  • Service Mapping
  • Discovery
  • Service Mapping
  • Event Management
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Discovery
  • Service Mapping
  • Event Management
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Cloud Management

Our Success Stories

Key Points of ServiceNow ITOM Implementation



Needs analysis and requirement elicitation


Configuration and customization


Rollout activities

Optional: pilot project (exploratory implementation of a small feature set prior to the full-scale project).


Low user adoption of ITOM applications, including machine learning-based ones

Solution: holding dedicated user training with a focus on app functions and value as well as tuning machine-learning algorithms for better performance

Fading relevance of ITOM automation rules

Solution: planning for post-implementation ITOM support to make sure your solution always stays relevant to your needs

Project duration:

ITOM implementation time frames depend heavily on such factors as:

  • Out-of-the-box vs. customization choice
  • Level of ITSM maturity
  • Implementation scope.

For instance, a project can take up to 2-3 months if it:

  • Mostly sticks to OOTB.
  • Runs in a company with a high level of ITSM maturity.
  • Involves only Discovery and Event Management.

Don’t Let Ineffective Processes Cost You Any More Money!

Automate your IT operations and increase your IT unit’s productivity with a sleek ServiceNow IT Operations Management solution.