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ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery Platform to Refine Your HR Processes

ServiceNow HR Service - ScienceSoft

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery aims to boost your HRs’ productivity and helps them interact with employees more efficiently. Since 2010, ScienceSoft helps companies improve employee satisfaction and cut employee turnover with tailored ServiceNow HR Service Delivery solutions.

To see that those are not just fancy words, request a live ServiceNow HR demo from our ServiceNow consultants and watch the platform excel!

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ServiceNow HR Features

Core applications

Case and Knowledge Management

Enabling employees to reach out to HR much easier than through a visit, phone call or email. To ask a question or request a service, employees can create cases in ServiceNow where they are automatically assigned to HR specialists and then handled. To find answers to their questions, employees can also use a searchable HR-related knowledge base to read articles relevant for their job status. Thus, the application allows standardizing, tracking, managing and reporting on your HRs’ case management efforts and helps employees handle their inquiries faster, at times even without involving HR.

Employee Service Center

Creating a user-friendly portal for employees to interact with HR easily. Your employees can access relevant knowledge articles, ask questions in a live or bot-powered chat, request assets and HR services, track and execute HR tasks (e.g., sign documents or fill out surveys) and more. The app additionally allows HRs to run employee campaigns to keep employees informed on corporate matters, stimulate event participation, etc.

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

Managing employee life cycles and enabling related cross-departmental collaboration. HRs can easily perform sets of activities associated with employee on- and off-boarding, promotions, parental leaves, relocations, etc. and guide employees through each life cycle event step by step. HRs can also collaborate with representatives from other departments on employee life cycle activities, for example, with IT specialists on workstation provisioning.

Employee Document Management

Providing your HR department with a centralized employee document storage. The application enables not only collecting, storing, searching and retrieving documents but also managing access to them and automating associated retention and purging activities (according to your respective policies). The app also allows placing legal holds on documents needed for litigation purposes to prolong their retention period.

Supporting capabilities

HR Performance Analytics

Setting up intricate analytical capabilities to look for deep HR performance insights and forecast trends

Agent Intelligence

Leveraging machine learning to analyze descriptions and titles of cases and automatically categorize, route and prioritize them

Virtual Agent

Building a chatbot for your Employee Service Center to handle common inquiries without involving a real HR specialist

Opportunities You Get with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Gain insights on how to optimize employee service and agent workloads

Standardize documentation and management of employee requests

Streamline employee onboarding with a dedicated mobile app

Collect employee feedback on onboarding experience

Provide your employees with user-centric content

Empower your employees to easily find relevant information

Facilitate fulfilling common self-service tasks with pre-built Virtual Agent conversations

ServiceNow HR Packages and Pricing




  • Case and Knowledge Management
  • Employee Document Management *
  • HR Performance Analytics *
  • Case and Knowledge Management
  • Employee Document Management
  • HR Performance Analytics
  • Employee Service Center *
  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions **
  • Agent Intelligence
  • Virtual Agent
  • Case and Knowledge Management
  • Employee Document Management
  • HR Performance Analytics
  • Employee Service Center
  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions *
  • Agent Intelligence
  • Virtual Agent

Selected Projects

* Also available as a separate subscription

** Minimal functionality available

The Essence of ServiceNow HR Implementation


Raise employee satisfaction, minimize employee turnover and reduce related costs

Through simplified employee life cycle processes, increased reachability of HR services, expedited employee case management and a possibility to carry out and analyze employee surveys

Improve HR specialists’ productivity

By automating case categorization, routing and prioritization and avoiding HR specialists’ burnout by handling the most common employee questions through knowledge articles and chatbots


HR implementation stages - ScienceSoft

An optional step before Stage 2: pilot project (implementing an experimental set of minimally viable features to test ServiceNow HR’s capabilities and their relevance to your organization).

Possible implementation strategies:

Out-of-the-box modules of ServiceNow HR don’t support all the HR processes that your organization may have, for example, applicant tracking, employee training and performance management. To let you use ServiceNow’s remarkable capabilities for making your HR productive and flexible, we can:

  • Configure and slightly customize ServiceNow’s existing functionality and integrate it with your main HR management system to make ServiceNow an additional HR enabler.
  • Extend the ServiceNow functionality to support the entire variety of your HR processes with relevant configurations, customizations and custom applications to make ServiceNow HR your only requisite HR tool.

Being a Specialist ServiceNow partner with 14 years of ServiceNow implementation expertise and having extensive experience in developing HR management systems, ScienceSoft can help you make the most of ServiceNow HR. To talk over further details of our possible cooperation, let us know you’re interested!

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