ServiceNow ITSM to Stabilize Your IT Delivery

ServiceNow ITSM to Stabilize Your IT Delivery

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ServiceNow ITSM Features

The modules of the ServiceNow IT Service Management suite either embody ITIL processes or provide productivity tools for your IT team. If you have trouble choosing the set of features to implement in your organization, you can consult our 4-level ServiceNow implementation model and set your eyes on the functionality you need.

  • Incident Management

    Tracking IT failures and restoring services as quickly as possible

  • Performance Analytics

    Gaining deep insights into your IT infrastructure performance trends

  • Reports and Dashboards

    Using operational analytics to track IT service delivery

  • Problem Management

    Analyzing the root causes of IT failures to prevent further outages

  • Walk-Up Experience

    Tracking and managing inquiries to your on-site IT support center

  • Service Level Management

    Monitoring issue resolution to speed up service restoration

  • Change and Release Management

    Authorizing and implementing changes to your IT infrastructure

  • Agent Workspace

    Boosting IT agents’ productivity with an intuitive work console

  • Configuration Management

    Maintaining and keeping track of all infrastructure elements

  • Request Management

    Gathering and fulfilling IT service requests from your end users

  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

    Enabling IT and HR to collaborate on workstation provision)

  • Benchmarks

    Checking average IT service metrics in your industry to pinpoint areas for improvement

  • Virtual Agent

    Resolving common end user issues through a chatbot

  • Knowledge Management

    Gathering and sharing IT knowledge among your team

  • Surveys and Assessments

    Improving your IT team’s performance based on end user feedback

  • Agent Intelligence

    Applying machine learning for intelligent incident routing

  • Asset and Cost Management

    Managing asset availability and life cycles to cut related costs

  • Continual Improvement Management

    Recording, prioritizing and acting upon IT service improvement ideas


Business workflows

Slashing business workflow disruption

Due to improving your IT service availability through prompt troubleshooting, failure prevention, IT knowledge sharing, etc.

Operational costs

Reducing operational costs in IT

By efficiently distributing IT assets and streamlining your IT team’s operations

 IT team’s productivity

Boosting an IT team’s productivity

Thanks to using productivity apps for IT service agents, automation workflows and intelligent incident routing

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ServiceNow ITSM Packages and Prices

ServiceNow’s vast IT service management offering is divided into two packages: ITSM and ITSM Professional.


ITSM Professional

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Request Management
  • Asset and Cost Management
  • Walk-Up Experience
  • Agent Workspace
  • Knowledge Management
  • Configuration Managements
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Service Level Management
  • Benchmarks
  • Surveys and Assessment

The ITSM package


  • Virtual Agent
  • Agent Intelligence
  • Performance Analytics
  • Continual Improvement Management

The Crux of ServiceNow ITSM Implementation

Implementation strategies:

Strategy 1

Keep the existing ITSM processes and customize ServiceNow to support them.

Strategy 2

Change your ITSM processes according to ServiceNow’s best practices and keep customizations to a required minimum.

Strategy 3

Optimize your ITSM processes based on your process needs and customize ServiceNow to support your new processes.



Requirements gathering


Configuration and customization


Solution rollout activities

Optional stage: pilot project (a small-scale exploratory solution delivered as a starting point of the major implementation project)


Low user adoption of new ITSM processes and applications

Solution: providing user training for your IT team to get the mechanics and value of each new process and ap

Missing ITSM enhancement opportunities

Solution: allocating budget to support and evolve your future ITSM solution as your needs change

Project duration:

The duration of ServiceNow ITBM implementation strongly depends on such factors as:

  • Size and level of ITSM maturity
  • Implementation scope
  • Out-of-the-box vs. customization choice

For instance, a ServiceNow ITSM implementation project can take up to one year if it:

  • Runs in a mid-sized company with a high level of ITSM maturity.
  • Realizes Incident, Knowledge, Request, Service Level and Configuration Management modules.
  • Mostly sticks to OOTB but involves a wide range of configurations.
Successful implementations of ServiceNow ITSM

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