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ServiceNow® ITBM Platform as the Breaker of Your Project Management Chains

ServiceNow ITBM - ScienceSoft

ServiceNow ITBM brings prioritized IT project budgeting and staffing, reduced time to market, and more. Since 2010, ScienceSoft implements ServiceNow ITBM solutions to help companies launch IT changes to satisfy their business demands and manage their development and testing progress.

Gain Power over Your IT!

Bring visibility and control into software development, cut your IT expenses and reduce time to market with ServiceNow ITBM!


Performance Analytics

Used for gaining deep-lying ITBM insights like opportunities for backlog optimization or portfolio cost reduction.

Demand Management

Identifying, prioritizing and authorizing IT improvement ideas called demands.

Resource Management

Distributing resources among projects and maintaining their availability.

Innovation Management

Capturing new ideas in a single place.

Project and Portfolio Management

Initiating, planning and executing projects across technology and business portfolios.

Scenario Planning

Simulating and comparing multiple investment scenarios based on their relevance and potential value.

Roadmap Planning

Mastering top-down planning by prioritizing work, visualizing, tailoring your roadmap and sharing it with different teams.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Aligning strategic investments and scale work for optimal value with SAFe.

Agile Development

Executing development tasks as part of product- or project-based development efforts.

Additionally, to these features, ServiceNow ITBM offers the Application Portfolio Management application that enables identifying all applications used in your company and measuring their usefulness to let you decide on investing in, maintaining, replacing or retiring your apps based on their relevance..

Opportunities You Get with ServiceNow ITBM

Organize, score, and prioritize product and service demands based on their value

Capture, vote on, and track innovative ideas from a single location

Plan, track, tailor, and visualize project roadmaps

Simulate and compare multiple investment scenarios

Our Success Stories


Cut IT expenses

Cut IT expenses (through modelling costs, abandoning irrelevant apps and optimizing overstaffed and over-budgeted projects with little value)

Better align your IT to business

Better align your IT to business (by timely identifying, prioritizing and fulfilling IT-related business needs)

Bring visibility and control into software development

Bring visibility and control into software development (due to clear task tracking, mature project management and financial analysis)

Better align your IT to business

Reduce time to market (with priority-based project budgeting and staffing and intuitive tools for managing development and testing)

Packages and Pricing

ServiceNow’s vast IT business management offering is divided into two packages: Standard and Professional.



  • Performance Analytics
  • Demand Management
  • Resource Management
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Scenario Planning
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Performance Analytics
  • Demand Management
  • Resource Management
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Scenario Planning
  • Roadmap Planning
  • Innovation Management
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Agile Development

The Essentials of ServiceNow ITBM Implementation

Implementation strategies:

Strategy 1

Stick to your ITBM processes and customize ServiceNow to support them.

Strategy 2

Redesign your ITBM processes based on ServiceNow’s best practices, thus minimizing customizations.

Strategy 3

Rework your current ITBM processes to optimize their weak spots and customize ServiceNow accordingly.



Collecting requirements


Configuring and customizing the solution


Rolling out the solution

Additional: pilot project (an exploratory solution with limited functionality delivered before the major implementation project).


Slow solution adoption due to Jira- or Trello-related habits

Solution: planning user training to speed up your employees’ adaptation to ServiceNow

Financial misalignment of IT and business

Solution: involving both IT and business representatives into discussing cost modelling principles

Project duration:

The duration of ServiceNow ITBM implementation strongly depends on such factors as:

  • IT department size
  • Level of IT management maturity
  • Out-of-the-box vs. customization choice
  • Implementation scope

For example, ITBM implementation can take about five months if it:

  • Runs in a company with a high level of IT management maturity and 50 employees in the IT department.
  • Mostly uses OOTB.
  • Involves only Agile Development, Test Management 2.0 and Project Management. 

Don’t Let Ineffective Processes Cost You Any More Money!

Improve your project management and optimize your application portfolio with a sleek ServiceNow IT Business Management solution.